Can You Seek Workers’ Compensation Benefits for a Repetitive Motion Injury?

As a worker, you can have a repetitive motion injury or wear and tear injury when your muscles, tendons, ligaments, or nerves suffer damage after you make the same motion over and over again. Typically, the small tears can be naturally healed by your body; however, when natural healing does not occur, this can result in inflammation and potentially a repetitive stress injury. Depending on how serious your injury is, this injury can lead to temporary or permanent damage. 

As a sufferer of a repetitive stress injury, you may be eligible for New Jersey workers’ compensation benefits. But, you must consult one of the best New Jersey employment lawyers since there are guidelines that must be followed when notifying your employer about your injury and getting treatment. If you fail to follow these guidelines, you can jeopardize your ability to get workers’ compensation benefits. 

Common Repetitive Motion Injuries

The following are two of the most common types of repetitive motion injuries:

  • Tendonitis. If you have tendonitis, you will experience pain in the affected area that will usually get worse when the tendon is used for moving that body party. This injury usually affects the elbows, shoulders, and biceps.
  • Bursitis. This injury develops when a bursa becomes inflamed. The human body is composed of at least 150 bursae, which are sacs found in body parts where friction may occur. Bursitis also causes pain in the affected area and a limited range of motion

Seeking Workers’ Comp Benefits

If you experience pain and a reduced ability to effectively do your job duties because of a repetitive stress injury, you can pursue a New Jersey workers’ comp claim. The state’s workers’ comp system doesn’t require you to prove that your condition was anyone’s fault. Also, it offers ongoing benefits until you can return to work. These benefits may include medical and wage benefits. 

A wear and tear injury may be a legitimate on-the-job injury for which you must get workers’ comp benefits; however, it can be difficult to file a successful claim. The first step you must take is to seek medical help to document your injury.  With the right employment attorney representing your interests, you can get the benefits you deserve. Often, insurance adjusters presume that this type of injury is related to the natural aging process or resulting from a pre-existing condition not related to your work. An experienced attorney will collect strong evidence that your injury is work-related. 


Must-have features and technologies for on-demand apps

A smartphone has become a platform for receiving services in a new hassle-free way for users, and the distance between them and the service providers has decreased. The latter also got the possibility to build a robust online presence and connect to the target audience directly. Technology companies are another essential component in this process as they develop customized solutions to cater to consumer needs. Healthcare, education, retail, transportation, beauty, etc. – the list of industries taking advantage of the economy uberization is vast. Even the smallest companies or individuals-freelancers can instantly access the consumer base through third-party apps – deliver home-made food, rent out accommodation, offer childcare, cleaning, consulting services, to name just a few. Besides, clients have a tool to shape the market by assessing the quality of products and services through a rating system

  1. Virtual search

Very often, consumers search for the same thing using different keywords. In many cases, they know what they want but cannot describe it precisely. Integrating visual search into retail shopping apps is an effective way to fulfill clients’ needs. They can print screen images from the web or take a photo in real life, and the system will offer the closest match to your range.

  1. Voice search

Voice search and voice navigation are what can put an app in the vanguard. According to Google, 20 % of all searches are made with voice, and this rate will only increase. Artificial intelligence allows creating hyperlocal features, which means the app will recognize different languages and accents.

  1. AI-based chatbots

If something goes wrong or consumers need consulting on products and services, a chatbot based on artificial intelligence is the trendiest way to be in touch with them. This technology is so advanced that it produces a human-like impression. It is also cost-effective as businesses do not have to pay a customer support team every month.

  1. IoT

The Internet of Things is on the rise and designing software for this niche is very promising. In the future, smart devices will analyze health parameters, and the user will view findings and recommendations on their smartphone. The fridge will remember food habits and compile a shopping list or will stock up automatically. Apps that allow interacting with devices will be in high demand.

  1. Drone deliveries

It is a tribute to contactless interaction, already tested by such giants by Amazon. However, it is possible that seeing drones that deliver morning coffee will become a common thing in the coming years. The new generation of apps must be an integral part of the logistics systems and have such an option as real-time delivery tracking.

  1. Virtual presence

It seems to be a must-have feature in the new world of social distancing. Virtual try-on and similar tools integrated into shopping apps allow us to make better choices, reduce the number of returns, and increase overall client satisfaction. It is also a fun experience, which is an essential factor.

  1. Time management

People are becoming less tolerant of time waste, let alone waiting in lines with others. An on-demand app must allow users to plan everything and get goods and services delivered at an exact time slot: e.g., to select food and beverages from a digital menu, choose the delivery zone (table in a restaurant), and get them served as soon as they enter the venue.

  1. Contactless payments

We have already written about the trends in the fintech industry and the revolution of peer-to-peer payments. With blockchain technologies, financial transactions are incredibly safe and fast. The traditional POS terminals will be eliminated in the near future – users will order, get a bill, and pay through an app, so it must integrate with payment systems, e.g., Stripe.

Cost of on-demand app development

It depends on a variety of factors – scope, platform, technologies, etc. According to an insightful survey by Clutch (B2B ratings and reviews platform), which was held in 2015 and involved 12 leading mobile app developers, the median cost of developing an iPhone app is between $37,913 and $171,450 (excluding maintenance and updates). The participants were asked to estimate the number of hours necessary to design a fully-fledged product. Then the hours spent on each development stage were multiplied by average hourly rates in the US market. Outsourcing mobile app development to a dedicated team in other destinations like Ukraine is the way to lower costs. costs.

To calculate the exact budget, most software firms offer a Discovery Phase – the pre-development investigation stage, which, among others, aims to assess the commercial viability and potential of a product.


According to the Blackthorn Vision website.


What is gold fineness?

If you’ve looked into investing money in gold bullion, you’ve probably learnt a thing or two about purity. You may know a thing or two about karats and you definitely would have come across the term “fineness”. What is fineness exactly? This is a term that represents the weight of fine metal on an object mostly bullion bars and coins. To simplify things, one can say fineness is to gold bullion what karats are to gold jewellery.

If gold bullion bars are made with the purest gold what is the difference between .9999 and .999? To understand this, we first need to talk about how the purity of gold is measured.

understand how gold is measured.

There are basically two ways that the purity of gold is measured: the karat system and the millesimal fineness.

Millesimal fineness denotes the purity of gold bullion on parts per thousands. Karats are a fractional measure of gold per 24 parts of the whole hold alloy. The karat scale goes from 24k which is the purest form of gold or 99.99%.  This is followed by 22k which denotes 91.67%, then it’s 18, 14 and ten Karats which denotes 75%, 58.5% and 41.7% purity respectively.

The purity of gold depends on the refining processes. There are different technologies that can be employed and standard vary from refiner to refiner or country to country. It is widely accepted that the gold bullion has a fineness of 99.5%. Most European gold bullion buyers expect a purity of 99.99% gold can still be refined to within an inch of achieving 100% or .99999 it’s a matter of cost for most refiners. The five 9s or .99999 fineness sell at high premiums because gold with that fineness has more intrinsic value that gold with a fineness of .9999. it might sound frivolous but a gold bullion dealer will pay more for a product with a .9999 fineness than a product with a purity level of 995 even though it is still classified as bullion. Austrian Ducats have a 98.6% and Krugerrands have a 91.7% purity, Austrian Ducats are as gold bullion coins and the others aren’t.

The Royal Canadian Mint is famous for producing gold bullion products with high fineness. They may the first mint to produce .99999 fine bullion.

According to the mint, they employ two refining methods: the Miller chlorination process which refines gold to a .995 level of purity.  The chemical process is followed by an electrolytic process called the Wohlwill electrolytic process which refines the gold to a 99.99 level of purity and beyond.

The refining process starts with the refiner receiving the gold doré from the mines or used scrap gold.  refiner. Once the gold has been refined it is sold to gold dealers or central banks. Manufacturers of products involving gold will buy this refined gold to do as they will with it. Mints also produce bullion coins and bars that are sold to private investors. To verify the purity of gold a bullion dealer can either melt the gold down and assay it.  This is considered to be very accurate. The second method of verifying the fineness of is by using an XRF machine. This method is less cumbersome, quicker and relatively accurate compared to the fire assay method. Most gold buyers will have an XRF machine on hand to determine the purity of the gold that is sold to them.

99.99% is the closest level of purity you can get for gold. 100% is virtually impossible but it doesn’t stop refineries from trying to achieve that perfect fineness. The Royal Canadian Mint produces some of the purest gold bullion coins in the world. One example of a very fine gold is the coin 99.999% fine gold coin created to commemorate the Silver Maple Leaf’s 30th Anniversary commemorative.

Five 9s coins are followed by four nines – the American Buffalo coin is made from this. The three 9s are the most common coins. The minimum fineness allowed by Good Delivery standards is 995. You get coins with a fineness of 990 but this is rarely seen.


Reasons Why Your Business May Fail Without These Marketing Strategies

As soon as your business hits the market, you need to make sure you’re doing everything to keep it afloat. Remember, a company is only a source of stable income if you have a lucrative marketing strategy. According to the Small Business Administration, only one-third of new businesses can survive for ten years. This is a big deal because you can easily be part of this statistic if you don’t take care. Here are some reasons why your business may at the risk of falling apart:

  1. You Don’t Know Your Audience. You can’t assume to know about your audience unless you do thorough research. The research includes how diverse your content should be and how creative your advertisements need to be. If you don’t know the right keywords, you will miss competing for an SEO ranking by a spectacular mark.

Without knowing what your content needs to be, you’ll only waste precious business hours and resources and end up making no profit. Without using the right keywords, the search engine may have trouble finding you and crawling over your content. To remedy this, you need to identify who your demographics are. Suppose you make shoes for nurses. You need to know their working hours, age group, gender, and how their feet may vary. When you have sufficient data, you can incorporate appropriate content for them and make sure the search engine picks it up.

  1. You Have No Links.Your business needs exposure. Even if you’re making your presence known on social media, your consumers need to know where they can go from your social media page. It is also essential that your website has effective linking strategies. Links are an easy way to follow a flow of information.

While you’re building your website, link building includes providing reliable resources to follow up on your data. It also helps you access a wider audience. Without the appropriate links, you’re isolating your business and not allowing the SEO to rank you favorably. You need to fix this by finding excellent and resourceful links and give more authority and validity to your products. With a strong linking strategy, you also win the right to backlinks. That means your clients can find you beyond social media but also on other business pages.

  1. You Are Not Optimizing For SEO. While you’re competing in the market, you’re simultaneously also competing in the digital world. No business in the 21st century follows a conventional marketing method that uses billboards and newspapers as much as they did. Most companies have moved either entirely or partially online. To do this, you’re competing to land a position on the search engine results.

Search Engine Optimization refers to preparing your website to land a favorable ranking. It means making sure you have an attractive website and informative content. And ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly and has a fast-loading page. All your image files have the text, so ultimately, the SEO can crawl over your web content and rank you. If you’re choosing to skip out on these, you’re straying further away from a top ranking. As a result, your publicity will take a massive hit, and you may not get the exposure you want.

  1. You Have No Brand Name. Every brand ultimately desires to become a household name. Your brand represents you without having an identity in the market. Your customers may not even know you. A firm brand name makes you stand out, and if customers are browsing through markets that stock several businesses, they may not trust your brand or make a purchase.

You lose potential sales and profits, and customers may not choose to be loyal to you. Case in point, mentioning the company apple is enough to remind you what the company sells. You know how popular iPhones are, how valuable iPads are, and the number of people who purchase laptops. All ads are centering around this logo. Therefore, you must work on your brand name, make an easy logo to remember, and have a message representing your company’s motto. Your brand name also publicizes you to the population.

  1. You Don’t Collaborate. There are numerous ways to collaborate as a business. It includes joining an organization such as putting your company at the forefront of social work. Unless you put your company out there, you will struggle to keep up with the marketing trends.

Collaboration also gives you more resources for you to engage with. When you choose to stay away from potential partnerships, you miss out on valuable insights and miss out on reaching out to your audience. You should always pick up on every possible collaboration.

It also includes sticking with local businesses and letting them sell your products from you, working with companies with diverse employees more than yours, and allowing them to educate you on different communities. Collaboration also involves hosting events and reaching out to other communities to get the public familiar with you.

  1. Your Company Has No Goals. Unless you make objectives such as accomplish a milestone in a two-year gap. If you don’t know where your business is supposed to go, you may end up with a failing business model. You won’t know how your resources need allocating and whether expansion is part of the process.

When you have no goals, you may lag in working on your content and products, and by the time you have a product ready, the market has moved on. Therefore, you must know where this business is supposed to go. Your goals establish a chain of command. When you know what your future products are, you will know what kind of ad campaigns you’ll need. It will also help you budget better and study where your plans lack. Planning also informs you on learning different publicity measures. All of which is important for your business.

Wrap Up

Marketing strategies are essential for your business. It gives you a framework for your business. If you don’t have these strategies, you may be putting yourself at a disadvantage. If you choose not to know your audience, don’t build a link strategy, not working on your SEO. You’re missing out on valuable opportunities for putting your business out there. The bottom line is, a company is only good if the customers trust and know you enough.


Find Out How to Create Personalized Graduation Cards with Mixbook

Surprise your guest with some custom graduation cards designed according to your style and flair. To get started, you only select the colors and style that showcase your graduate’s personality and educational accomplishment. You continue by choosing each aspect of your card from the graduation greeting card templates’ alternatives. Your customized cards will definitely impress you as much as your invites. Whether you want a personalized photo book to preserve your educational achievements or require customized photo invitations for your graduation event, the Mixbook templates guarantee you 100% happiness.

About Graduation Greeting Cards by Mixbook

Mixbook perfectly understands the desire for a unique presentation and beautiful styling when creating your own graduation greeting cards or any other printed creation form. They offer you everything you need to fine-tune your customized design, including fun stickers, intriguing texts, fonts, colors, and decorative accents to give you the design you love.

Mixbook only uses high-quality paper, thus ensuring luxurious finishes and crisp images. Each of their attractive make-your-own themes provides an easy-to-use template that simplifies your design process stages. The flexible software can easily develop customized graduation greeting cards without any complications. Like with many of their past users, Mixbook is confident to deliver exceptional results and joy than its competitors.

Whether you select a landscape or portrait orientation for your personalized design, you can never go amiss with Mixbook’s make-your-own graduation greeting cards. Every time you select the Mixbook website to commemorate your graduation or that of a loved one, you will create an unforgettable memento that showcases the occasion’s significance.

Graduation Greeting Gift Cards Ideas and Trends

Personalized graduation greeting cards deliver the best opportunities to enjoy and showcase your loved one’s academic accomplishments. You can put them at a place of honor in your celebratory event or frame them for showcase throughout the year. The cards are available in hardcover or softcover, and template designs are available in portrait, square, or premium lay-flat book designs.

These attractive cards offer the perfect way to show your love and how proud you are of your loved one’s accomplishments. Why not opt for a selection of customized graduation greeting cards instead of electronic invitations? Talk to the Mixbook support staff today through Live Chat or mobile to help get you started.

User Reviews

Most users claim Mixbook offers excellent products and services. Their paper is of incomparable quality, as well as the images. Besides, the Mixbook editor tool is highly flexible and won’t give you a hard time creating your cards. Start from scratch with a blank book or select a photo book theme for your work, begin creating your graduation cards, and customize them to your liking.

That said, creating should be fun, not sophisticated. The team of designers at Mixbook is ready to guide you through every step of the way in creating your customized graduation greeting cards. To find out more about Mixbook, check out the FAQs or get in touch with an editor through Live Chat.