A quick review on FHA loan:

FHA loan is famous specifically for the first time home buyers. This offer a great opportunity for down payment is very affordable as low as 3.5%for a credit score of 580. Nevertheless, borrowers are required to pay the loan protection premiums in order for the lender to be protected in the event the borrower is delinquent with his monthly amortization.

Is it reasonable enough to give total security to lenders?

This program was purposely developed in response to the impulsive closures and nonpayment that they experience in the 1930s, to give mortgage lenders with enough insurance, and to help encourage the housing market by making loans available and economical for people with a low down payment. Actually, the federal government protects loans for federally qualified lender  in order to decrease the dangers of loss if a borrower is delinquent on their mortgage payment.

What are the two major requirements is availing the FHA loans?

Applicants who are interested in availing the FHA loan whose down payment is as low as 3.5%, the borrower is required to have at least 580 scores in FICO to qualify. Nevertheless,  if the borrower credit score is lower than 580 this doesn’t mean that the borrower is not qualified, instead  the applicant just need to have a minimum down of 10% in order to be approved.

What is the complete list of FHA loan requirements which are set by the Federal Housing Authority?

  • The borrower must have a stable job with the same employer for the past two years.
  • The client must possess a valid Social Security number, a legitimate resident of US with legal age to sign for the contract.
  • The minimum 3.5 should be paid by the borrower and the money that comes from any member of the family is allowable.
  • Only the primary residence occupancy could avail of the FHA loan. The property of the borrower should be appraised from the FHA approved-appraisal.
  • Borrowers must have a minimum credit score of 580. The borrower should have a reformed good credit and must be two years out of bankruptcy. If in the event the borrower is out of bankruptcy for one year, he will be exempted if the circumstances are beyond control. The certain minimum approved appraisal must be met by the property.

Why is mortgage insurance required for an FHA loan?

Knowing that the FHA is not too strict with the standards, it only requires two kinds of loan insurance premiums: it includes upfront full payment or mortgage financing and the other is a monthly amortization. The FHA is also required that the house should meet certain circumstances and must be appraised by an appraiser that is approved by the FHA.

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