The Cost Of Downtime In Manufacturing

The Cost Of Downtime In Manufacturing 1
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2. 5 Steps To Increase Employee Participation In Your Retirement Plan

2.	5 Steps To Increase Employee Participation In Your Retirement Plan 2
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1. How Lighting Can Enhance The Retail Customer’s Experience

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How to Choose a Perfect Personalized Wedding Favor

Do couples need to give gifts to people who attended their weddings? Even those who do not have a particular role in the event like ushers, groomsmen, or best man? Guests have probably traveled long distances to attend the event and most likely bought the couple’s gift from their wedding registry.

Yes, the couple is perhaps feeding attendees and providing them with tons of food and an open bar. But still, it is only fair to offer small souvenirs as a sign of appreciation for their support and attendance. If the couple is shopping for wedding favors, this article will provide you some ideas and ensure they do not overlook anything when choosing the right gift.

How to choose the perfect favors that suit the couple’s budget?

Couples need to think about their budget and the price of the item. They are in luck here since people do not expect them to spend a lot of money on their wedding favors as they did on the gifts on their groomsmen. It is possible to get these things with a personal touch without spending a lot of money, instead of resorting to mass-produced products with generic designs, which will most likely get thrown away after a couple of days.

All will look the same when it comes to these things instead of featuring customization with people’s names. Depending on how their vendor factors in per-unit and setup personalization fees’ couples need to save some money to get at least 50 identical items instead of the same quantity of different items for every guest.

When contacting vendors, couples will need to confirm more than just the price per unit. They need to make sure to ask if they charge any artwork or setup fees in addition to per-unit personalization charges and make sure that they get a good shipping quote.

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Take into consideration the delivery time

Always keep in mind that vendors most probably have tons of other ceremonies and other events around the same time as yours, and customized gifts take a lot of time to choose, process, and ship. If the couple has procrastinated, they need to make sure that vendors can guarantee the delivery time for their wedding.

Otherwise, they could have to eat up the cost of the shipping that will arrive more or less two days after the wedding. Or they may have to mail gifts to each guest individually. A lot of reputable vendors will have procedures in place for rush orders or expedited shipping. But people should expect to pay additional charges if they need this kind of privilege for their orders or need a next-day freight.

When and how will people hand out their favors?

Do newlyweds plan to get gifts that will be used during the event itself? If they have got a mid-day beach wedding and have ordered a personalized wedding favor like an eyepiece for the ceremony, it would not make a lot of sense to wait until the event to make them available to the attendees. Ask groomsmen or ushers to hand the gifts out to people who want them during pre-wedding events like rehearsal dinner.

People can also decide to have their favors laid out at the venue’s entrance for guests at the reception or cocktail hour. This distribution technique will save the couple some time since they will not have to distribute the items themselves or worry about the placement. They can simply have baskets full of tables or koozies stacked with coasters in that case.

Or people could choose to get multiple uses out of their favors by customizing them and using these items to indicate assigned seating for every attendee at the dinner. Suppose that method sounds suitable for the newlyweds. They also need to know the disadvantage of personalization because the couple has to pay close attention and make sure that the proper name will end up on the right seats, instead of just handing them out altogether.

Another alternative to help save some money would be to give the favor at rehearsal dinners or during morning-after brunch. Presumably, these events will be attended by a closer and smaller group of individuals compared to the number of attendees during the wedding itself.


Can You Seek Workers’ Compensation Benefits for a Repetitive Motion Injury?

As a worker, you can have a repetitive motion injury or wear and tear injury when your muscles, tendons, ligaments, or nerves suffer damage after you make the same motion over and over again. Typically, the small tears can be naturally healed by your body; however, when natural healing does not occur, this can result in inflammation and potentially a repetitive stress injury. Depending on how serious your injury is, this injury can lead to temporary or permanent damage. 

As a sufferer of a repetitive stress injury, you may be eligible for New Jersey workers’ compensation benefits. But, you must consult one of the best New Jersey employment lawyers since there are guidelines that must be followed when notifying your employer about your injury and getting treatment. If you fail to follow these guidelines, you can jeopardize your ability to get workers’ compensation benefits. 

Common Repetitive Motion Injuries

The following are two of the most common types of repetitive motion injuries:

  • Tendonitis. If you have tendonitis, you will experience pain in the affected area that will usually get worse when the tendon is used for moving that body party. This injury usually affects the elbows, shoulders, and biceps.
  • Bursitis. This injury develops when a bursa becomes inflamed. The human body is composed of at least 150 bursae, which are sacs found in body parts where friction may occur. Bursitis also causes pain in the affected area and a limited range of motion

Seeking Workers’ Comp Benefits

If you experience pain and a reduced ability to effectively do your job duties because of a repetitive stress injury, you can pursue a New Jersey workers’ comp claim. The state’s workers’ comp system doesn’t require you to prove that your condition was anyone’s fault. Also, it offers ongoing benefits until you can return to work. These benefits may include medical and wage benefits. 

A wear and tear injury may be a legitimate on-the-job injury for which you must get workers’ comp benefits; however, it can be difficult to file a successful claim. The first step you must take is to seek medical help to document your injury.  With the right employment attorney representing your interests, you can get the benefits you deserve. Often, insurance adjusters presume that this type of injury is related to the natural aging process or resulting from a pre-existing condition not related to your work. An experienced attorney will collect strong evidence that your injury is work-related.