An overview of project portfolio management in business

Many organizations believe that if they are able to use the portfolio management techniques, then they will be able to understand the business that they are supposed to undertake and will also be able to understand the type of IT investments that they can make in future. With the help of proper project management, the IT companies will be able to ensure that the project investments are able to properly meet the desired goal. The PPM team analyzes views and manages the project in a way so as to maximize the business results within an organization.

The PPM is a combination of three major disciplines and if you are really interested to know more about PPM, then given below is a list of those disciplines:

  • The general management which focuses the management of the risks and the resources of an organization
  • The PPM also focuses on the assessing, the reviewing and the management of the different programs and projects.
  • A business management which focuses on ensuring that all the program and the projects are in proper alignment with the portfolio strategy.

With the help of proper project management, in business the organization is able to select the programs and the projects that are aligned to the strategies of the organization and also makes use of the best available resources for catering to the high priority projects. The PPM team also regularly assesses the programs and the projects and helps in properly contributing to the portfolio health and also takes proper management action that helps in keeping the portfolio compliant with the objectives of the business.

The steps which come under the PPM are given below and going through these steps will help you in understanding the PPM much better. The lists of the steps are as follow:

  • Project prioritizing and re-prioritizing
  • The correct project selection
  • Proper portfolio assessment
  • Proper portfolio monitoring
  • The termination and the removal of a particular project
  • Proper management of the corrective action

The PPM follows a proper life cycle and if you are interested to know more about the life cycle of the PPM then given below is a detailed idea of the life cycle of PPM:

  • It is important that the performance is properly measured and will also ensure that the programs and the projects are able to properly address the different business strategies
  • Properly identifying the right project and also taking corrective actions on those projects which are the goal and the objectives of the portfolio management.
  • Implementing the project which will best improve the portfolio.

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