Things you need to know about ranging market

Naturally, intelligent traders expect to trade reliably. Buying during the support period and selling during the resistance period is the formula here. Ranging and trending both are effective based on choices.  Range trading is the best approaches to take in Forex. In some cases, one comes forward, and in some cases, it is the other. But since we are discussing range, we will not distract you from that. Ranging reduces uncertainty. It increases the chance of winning more than others. Let’s discuss the types.

Rectangular range

When you enter in rectangular ranges, you see a horizontal movement of price between support and resistance. This is extremely common in most of the situation. Even if you do not use an indicator, you can quickly identify its horizontal movement and scale your trades based on the market conditions.

Pros: it indicates that the timeframe is short, which encourages speedy trade opportunities.

Cons: sometimes misleading things can happen to traders who do not stay in the market for a more extended period of patterns.

Diagonal range

In this section, price fluctuations usually happen in either an upwards or downwards direction. A sloping trend is maintained here. You can call it to trend surely, but a short-time trading possibility occurs in this channel. Being an active trader in the options market, you should be extremely cautious about the diagonal range since most of the major breakout take place right after this phase.

Continuation range

The continuation range can occurs any time. False breakouts are expected in this type of market movement. Since it moves very fast, traders who want to run their action quickly can earn profit. It shows quick breakouts and it can also takes place in the middle of any patterns. Though it occurs during other ongoing trends, you can easily deal with the continuation range by using the candlestick pattern trading technique.

Irregular range

It is possible to transform a diagonal ranging into a rectangular one. It creates new support and resistance lines. It is difficult to identify the support and resistance line here, but those who have a more fantastic experience can predict the movement. The follower of this may need to use some extra tools to be sure of the potential breakouts.

There is no limit to experiencing this market condition. Active investors need to understand the strategy and the pros and cons of ranging. Then it will be effective for them.


It should be a significant priority to identify a range first. If a specific currency recovers from a support position ( a minimum of twice), it can be accepted. It should also be pulled back from the resistance area (again, at least twice).

Manage risk

After joining the area, you need to think about risk management. Undoubtedly risk management is the most crucial factor in trading. Get ready to take a step when a support or resistance level breaks. Setting a stop loss will help you to ensure you have good risk management. When you enter in a ranging market, your efforts will be the most critical factor if your additional concerns remain in the right place.

Trending and Ranging currencies

Here are 4 major currency pairs used the most in trading.


The most significant pair, EUR/USD, is mainly used for trading. The value in terms of transactions is almost $1 trillion per day.


If the line of fluctuation is going high, an uptrend begins, and when it is coming low, a downtrend happens. If the course of the trend is predicted correctly, you can make big money By using the leverage smartly, it is pretty easy to enjoy an outstanding achievement.

Above, we have read about four types of ranges. All those have different psychoanalyses. Do not mix them up. Some do look like a trend, but in reality, they are not exactly as they seem. No matter which direction the currency goes in (up or down), it will come back to its origin. It is safe to move forward with ranging. In most cases, it requires a different money-management technique.


What is gold fineness?

If you’ve looked into investing money in gold bullion, you’ve probably learnt a thing or two about purity. You may know a thing or two about karats and you definitely would have come across the term “fineness”. What is fineness exactly? This is a term that represents the weight of fine metal on an object mostly bullion bars and coins. To simplify things, one can say fineness is to gold bullion what karats are to gold jewellery.

If gold bullion bars are made with the purest gold what is the difference between .9999 and .999? To understand this, we first need to talk about how the purity of gold is measured.

understand how gold is measured.

There are basically two ways that the purity of gold is measured: the karat system and the millesimal fineness.

Millesimal fineness denotes the purity of gold bullion on parts per thousands. Karats are a fractional measure of gold per 24 parts of the whole hold alloy. The karat scale goes from 24k which is the purest form of gold or 99.99%.  This is followed by 22k which denotes 91.67%, then it’s 18, 14 and ten Karats which denotes 75%, 58.5% and 41.7% purity respectively.

The purity of gold depends on the refining processes. There are different technologies that can be employed and standard vary from refiner to refiner or country to country. It is widely accepted that the gold bullion has a fineness of 99.5%. Most European gold bullion buyers expect a purity of 99.99% gold can still be refined to within an inch of achieving 100% or .99999 it’s a matter of cost for most refiners. The five 9s or .99999 fineness sell at high premiums because gold with that fineness has more intrinsic value that gold with a fineness of .9999. it might sound frivolous but a gold bullion dealer will pay more for a product with a .9999 fineness than a product with a purity level of 995 even though it is still classified as bullion. Austrian Ducats have a 98.6% and Krugerrands have a 91.7% purity, Austrian Ducats are as gold bullion coins and the others aren’t.

The Royal Canadian Mint is famous for producing gold bullion products with high fineness. They may the first mint to produce .99999 fine bullion.

According to the mint, they employ two refining methods: the Miller chlorination process which refines gold to a .995 level of purity.  The chemical process is followed by an electrolytic process called the Wohlwill electrolytic process which refines the gold to a 99.99 level of purity and beyond.

The refining process starts with the refiner receiving the gold doré from the mines or used scrap gold.  refiner. Once the gold has been refined it is sold to gold dealers or central banks. Manufacturers of products involving gold will buy this refined gold to do as they will with it. Mints also produce bullion coins and bars that are sold to private investors. To verify the purity of gold a bullion dealer can either melt the gold down and assay it.  This is considered to be very accurate. The second method of verifying the fineness of is by using an XRF machine. This method is less cumbersome, quicker and relatively accurate compared to the fire assay method. Most gold buyers will have an XRF machine on hand to determine the purity of the gold that is sold to them.

99.99% is the closest level of purity you can get for gold. 100% is virtually impossible but it doesn’t stop refineries from trying to achieve that perfect fineness. The Royal Canadian Mint produces some of the purest gold bullion coins in the world. One example of a very fine gold is the coin 99.999% fine gold coin created to commemorate the Silver Maple Leaf’s 30th Anniversary commemorative.

Five 9s coins are followed by four nines – the American Buffalo coin is made from this. The three 9s are the most common coins. The minimum fineness allowed by Good Delivery standards is 995. You get coins with a fineness of 990 but this is rarely seen.


5 Pristine Decisions To Continuous Monitor Financial Resources

In an era where e-commerce and numerous storage centres have become the norm, the need for asset monitoring is required. While most cases companies start with manageable assets, over time, they grow to a high magnitude, hence requiring a new approach to monitoring them. Poor asset management will not only increase financial loses by misallocating your resources, but it will also increase unforeseen vulnerabilities in your company.

One problematic asset will in most cases cause a chain of events which will require an overhaul of all affected areas. An efficient system will allow you to connect various assets to their users which create efficiency. While there are several ways to monitor assets, current technology is helping small companies save money by tracking all their assets in their storage spaces continuously. One tool that has become common is the use of QR codes since they are affordable and can be easily tracked internally. Large companies that boast having several warehouses, in different regions will allow them to keep track of their products in each warehouse.

The ideal tool for these kinds of companies is the use of a GPS tool. It will not only identify the location of each asset, but it will also organize them depending on warehouse and category. To help you understand the importance of asset management, here are five tips on why it is important.

Reflection of asset recovery

While running a warehouse or a storage unit, you will need to have an ideal continuous monitoring management system. Assuming you have a salvage yard and you sell a working second-hand car, you will need the system to acknowledge this sale.

Continuously managing your assets will help you scrap off sold items from business books and the system. Current systems also provide cloud storage where if products are once deleted, you can recover them. Additionally, even after scraping off these products, you can view them under archived products.

Access to all information

Poor tracking services cost companies millions in revenue. It is no secret that handling every detail of a piece of hardware and document can be taxing; this can ultimately cause your company to experience full-blown chaos. By having a central asset management tool, you get to have access to all information regarding addresses, warranty and even IMEI numbers. By using current technologies, things get easy since you can categorize them efficiently.

Prevent theft and wastage

By monitoring your assets continuously can help you prevent theft. While several techniques can help monitor your assets; using technology is among the best ways to help you achieve that. Let us face it; tracking all your assets in a single warehouse is sophisticated, what about monitoring several assets over various warehouses?

Relying on the old school system of identifying assets will not only hinder your operations, but it will also increase wastage in your company. With the right software tool continuously monitoring your assets, you will benefit in having an organized inventory that will also help you understand how it has been used and in case any changes have been made. Additionally, knowing the precise location of an item will also help you in reducing wastage and time spent.

Save money

Maintaining your assets can be costly during the operation process. During an asset’s life cycle, maintenance costs are calculated poorly. In most times maintenance problems are common which can skyrocket the costs. However, with the right monitoring tool, you can be up to date without experiencing any problems. Maintenance costs if never reduced can lead to reduced profit since most of the revenue received is used to run the expenses. Lastly, over maintaining can lead to reduced revenue so is the under maintenance. An ideal balance is needed if a company is looking to maximize its profits.

Risk management plan

Managing your risks can hurt your revenues. This explains the need for having an ideal asset monitoring system will help you have a scope of your risk management plan. This means that you manage all assets in terms of ownership and use. By assessing your assets, you identify all the risks involved which ultimately allow you to come up with a proper solution to void them.


It is no secret that companies lose million in dollars due to poor asset management. For big companies which have several warehouses around the globe, the use of GPS is essential in preventing theft. Having this continuous approach will allow companies to keep track of all moving inventories without wastage.

In case your business is small, you could always start with a QR code system to help you track your assets internally. Additionally, once a product is sold, changed or damaged, the central data system will automatically acknowledge the command which will allow you to keep track of all your products while remaining accountable.


Argyle Pink Diamonds: Necessary Information To Know About

The Argyle pink diamond was discovered by a group of experienced geologists in Western Australia in the year 1985 and since then the mine was termed as the world’s largest producer of diamond contributing about 20% share of the pink diamond supply. Few percentages are pink in colour and the ratio is about 0.1%. Whereas the mine was an open cut till the year 2013 and is the only steady source for natural pink coloured diamond contributing the share of 90% of the pink diamonds all across the world.

Before the existence of Argyle Mine, irregular pink diamonds having deep colour saturation had been found in Brazil and African mines too.

The Argyle Pink Diamonds are far from rare and with the prediction of the closing of the Argyle mine, it is stipulated to be an ‘Australian Heritage’, diamonds to be greatly needed by the collectors and investors globally.

Because of its worth, this rare diamond has become the top in list asset for investment. So in order to invest in Argyle Pink diamonds, one has to have some necessary information which includes the following-

Colour Classification of the Argyle

Argyle is the largest manufacturer of pink diamond and has the grading system which has been internationally recognised for the coloured diamonds. Natural diamonds irrespective of their colour are graded globally according to the well ingrained and known four C’s criteria which are Color, Clarity, Carat Weight and Cut.

With pink diamonds, the colour is the most important aspect along with its intensity level. This is the reason which determines the worth of a pink diamond. Clarity is also important but as compared to colour, it’s the secondary aspect followed by Carat, Weight, and Cut. The colour and list of Argyle Pink diamonds range somewhat between the palest shades of pinks to deep reddish. Each shade of the pink spectrum lies in between light to dark. The more deep shade of pink and higher intensity of the colour. The unusual and more expensive the diamond includes the fancy red diamond, being so rare that it can only be seen by few people across the world.

An enchanting collection of 63 stones, evidence of the splendid argyle diamond mine, for more than three decennaries has alluded the world with its shades and tints of enchanting and an array of unique colours.

The Argyle diamonds are far beyond rare for over the time of about 1.6 billion years and has been emerged as the most captivating diamond in the history ever. Cherished for its breathtaking beauty and inception, the Argyle pink diamond is chosen as the most revered diamond of the world.

Argyle Diamond’s Authenticity

Argyle gem identification and authenticity document are provided by almost all Argyle diamonds weighing 0.15cts which can be cross-checked on the website of Argyle diamond about all issues related to its authenticity and identification from January 1st, 2019.

Above all is the necessary information need to know before investing in the Argyle pink diamond. So that you can choose it wisely, and can know about its purity and other aspects.


Making The Best Use Of Real Estate Investments!

As a businessman, if you are into real estate investments, you are indeed wise and smart. Today, the real estate market is a booming one and with the passage of time, you will find that the value of your property will always increase and not decrease of course with the exception of recession. This is why when you are buying or selling real estate property with your business profits, it is very important for you to always take the aid and advice of a credible and skilled professional who is well versed in the field. This step will lead you to smarter real estate investments and profits!

Understanding real estate and how it works

Steve Liefschultz is the CEO and the Chairman of Equity Bank and an experienced professional when it comes to real estate investing. He says that when you are looking for the perfect real estate deals, it is very important for you to ensure that you get accurate information. This is why taking time out to visit an experienced professional is crucial. There are many people who come to the Steve Liefschultz Minnesota office to take his valuable advice when it comes to real estate deals. He says that most of his clients are not sure about the real estate market and this is where he steps in to help them. The real estate market is a dynamic one and it is important for you to be aware of the market trends if you really wish to make the best use of your real estate investments.

Investing in real estate property and its benefits for your business

He says that when he guides and counsels his clients, he says that their needs are not the same. This is why he takes time to analyze their profiles and understand their expectations. Generally entrepreneurs like investing in bonds and shares for earning business profits. However, the new trend is the investment of real estate. Here, you just need to pay the bills and the rest of the money is yours to spend. You may invest this money in a savings account or use it to reinvest in real estate. He says that the best part of real estate is that the property will always appreciate with the passage of time. This means you will see the valuation rising. You may rent out the property and get a fixed cash flow every month or you may sell the property in the near future and get a higher profit. Moreover, you effectively are able to enjoy reduced tax benefits when it comes to real estate investments he says.

The Steve Liefschultz Minnesota office is a credible place that clients can bank on when they are looking for consistent business profits. This is why he says that it is important for you to always have a skilled and credible professional. If you take this step, you will benefit from the above counsel and earn consistent profits with success for your business with the passage of time!