Just think of how long you have your air conditioning running. Sometimes you actually find it works 24hrs a day, especially if you work from home. This means it runs non-stop 30 days a month and sometimes 365 days a year! Considering the work load of keeping the air purified and the room at the right temperature, this is a lot of pressure on the system. It is very important for you to consider aircon servicing regularly to ensure your air con continues to serve you as efficiently as it is doing today.

Dangers of not servicing your air con unit

Costly in the long run

If you go for months and possibly years without servicing your air con, chances are different parts of the unit will wear out at the same time. Some people even wait for unit to break down before they get someone to do the servicing. This is more costly than if you had followed the requirement and serviced your unit as often as possible. All the work the aircon does usually takes a toll on the different parts that are responsible for the effective heating and cooling work. Replacing these parts is definitely more expensive than servicing them.

Breakdown unexpectedly

If the air con unit is not serviced regularly, it is not a question of if it will breakdown. It is a question of when because it will reach a point when, like any other machinery, it will need to have its parts replaced. Just imagine how your car would be like if you chose to ignore servicing it. The same would happen to the air con. Sometimes this could happen in the most inopportune times. It could happen at night when the temperatures are too high or too low. It could be when you are hosting friends and family. You can avoid the mess that comes with a broken down air con unit by servicing it regularly.

Shorter lifespan

An air con unit that is regularly serviced could serve you for so many years. This is because the parts are well maintained. You do not have to worry about replacing an air con system any time soon because it is in great working condition. An aircon unit that is not serviced will run down faster than it should. When it finally gives way, it will possibly be too damaged to repair. Sometimes the cost of repairing may be closer to the cost of buying a new one.

It is important for you to take care of your aircon servicing so as to ensure that you are not only comfortable, but also save yourself from the associated costs of a poorly managed air con unit.

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