Cleaning business process after fire damage

Fire and water damages not only someone’s property but also his peace of mind. In some cases the property becomes inhabitable and loss is huge. Every affected area is damaged different, but the loss is same for everyone.

Whenever a fire broke, always try to save the lives of people living in. Call immediately the firefighters and leave the area as soon as possible. The firefighters will start their usual process of extinguishing the fire quickly.

The process of restoration and cleanup starts afterwards, because the damage is not only caused by fire and smoke but also flooding of water is widespread. The restoration companies make survey and evaluate the damage and repair required. The expert team make the inspection of damage and decide which area need cleaning and which one’s rebuilding. Make the area ventilated and smoke free, clean soot and dust from walls, upholstery and carpet.  After cleaning process, fire or water damage repairs and restoration starts.

For cleaning the soot and bad odor of smoke affect every part of house in a different manner, therefore require sanitizing, repairing and restoring differently. As we cannot assess the damage done by the fire on our own, such as behind the wall, electrical and plumbing system. That is why getting professional help is recommended.

The cleaning of soot and dust cannot be done by ordinary cleaning agents. The repair companies use special cleaning products and machinery to tackle with the problem. The water use for extinguishing the fire, if not dealt properly will create mold in future. Big ventilators and special air fans are used to clean the area from smoke, contaminated air and odor to make the house breathable.

When floods occur, water reach everywhere and makes it impossible to avoid it. Troubles and accidents can happen anywhere and with anyone. Every water damages are different situations and require unique solutions. Sometimes a broken or leaked pipe or blocked sewage creates big problems. Flood or storm carry lots of mud, debris and many other objects along with it. Standing water create big problem if not treated soon. Immediate action is required for the removal of water, so that drying process can be started. If water damage left untreated, will cause mold and mildew. Contaminated water can become harmful and cause illness. Water damage left untreated for a period of time will increase the damage and become more expensive if mold appears. Standing water seep through walls, can easily damage the structure and foundation of building.

Because of humidity, rust and stains can damage the furniture easily. The water damage companies use special equipment like dehumidifiers and air movers to get rid of moisture as quickly as possible. It is important to prevent more damage like swelling and warping of floors, walls and wooden furniture. Wet furniture, upholstery, clothing and floors give unpleasant smell. The fire and water damage companies restore the valuables items after cleaning and treating them according to their material. Some things are dry-cleaned or washed. Different chemicals and cleaning agents are use by the professionals.

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