Competitive Analysis Is Significant To Improve Current and Future Performance

Businesses have always been in healthy competition. In the past, competitors were based locally with whom you had to compete directly, but digital marketing is a totally different ball game. Your competitor’s store is not positioned across the street. It is an online website that gets ranked by search engines for targeted keywords.

To stay ahead in this competitive environment, it is necessary for your website to rank well on search engines. BrightEdge are digital experts, who can help you conduct competitive analysis for your site’s search engine success.

Keeping track of opponents SEO efforts is reinforced with a current survey. It states that 18% organic clicks go to links in first position. 10% to second position and third gets even less.

On the internet, it is for the search engines visibility that your opponent’s website competes for. Companies conduct competitive analysis to eliminate rivalry in a healthy way. Varieties of analysis tools include comparison of efficient marketing strategy, implementation, monitoring, and adjustments to attain best possible search engine results.

Competitor analysis allows you to understand the similarity and weaknesses of your products or services, when compared. Regular analysis keeps you updated about the performance of both businesses, so future strategies can be planned, accordingly.

After determining you competitors the next step will be online marketing research. It will help to understand why your competitors site rank better on search engines. For search engines, there will be need to conduct competitors keyword analysis. Visit, an efficient SEO platform that allows expanding or building exclusive keyword portfolio to enhance your SEO blog organic search footprint.

Benefits of SEO competition analysis

  • Target keywords used
  • How pages are optimized for target keywords
  • Keyword variations applied in anchor text
  • Obtain website designing idea
  • Content marketing strategy followed
  • Diverse link opportunities
  • Social media strategy employed

Factors to consider, while starting competitive analysis

  • Page rank comparison allows to attain an overall illustration of how efficient your rival’s website is performing organically
  • Unique visitors, your competitor receives on daily or monthly basis will help to get an idea of potential traffic your website can receive from ranking on top of competitors
  • Inbound links pointing to opponent’s websites gives an idea of how much link building effort is necessary to contend with them directly
  • Indexed pages information allows to build your content strategy for relevant pages
  • Meta data optimization helps to get information about how they entice viewers to click on your site’s title tag and meta description
  • PPC information allows to decide, if PPC is appropriate for your niche and marketing budget

In-depth information from this research is beneficial to the marketing, sales, and engineering department

Overall benefits of competitive analysis

  • Determines competitors strength
  • Determine competitor’s weaknesses
  • Develop unique selling proposition
  • Support content creation
  • Develop an innovative product
  • Know your position

Always stay updated

Keeping track of your opponent’s online SEO efforts keeps you updated. From here you get to learn valuable SEO marketing strategies that help your business to develop. If you give up then for sometime everything will seem normal but eventually small agile and willing competitors will move ahead.

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