Fire and Security Solutions for Small Businesses

For every business owner, safety and security are two must haves, and it can often be a challenge to ensure that both bases are covered. Government guidelines demand fire prevention standards are met, which would typically involve the presence of smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and there also needs to adequate signage to inform people where the fire exits are. A sprinkler system might need to be installed, depending on the type of business premises. In short, fire safety is a rather complex issue that every company must encounter, and this is just one of the hurdles an entrepreneur has to negotiate, as security is also an issue that cannot be overlooked. To find out more about the safety and security recommendations to take into account, visit this website:  

Fire and Security Services

Fortunately, both fire and security services can now be found under a single roof, with specialist companies that offer extended fire and security cover for a range of businesses, and such is their flexibility, they will tailor the service to suit the client. If your business is UK based, and you would like to know more about this unique service, Tranter Fire and Security are the ideal people to contact, as they have the resources to ensure total protection and that your business premises complies with local authority rules and regulations.

Remote Viewing

Round the clock remote viewing by a team of experienced professionals is probably the best fire alarm there is, and this is affordable, if you source the right provider. This type of company would have a large control centre, where teams of experts are always watching their clients’ premises, day and night, 365 days a year. This service would alert you in the event of a fire, or any unexpected occurrence, and this could save lives and property.

Long Term Fixed Price Contracts

Ideally, a business requires this type of cover indefinitely, and with up to 3-year contracts at affordable prices, you can sleep well at nights, knowing your business premises is always protected. Outsourcing is the most efficient way to provide the essential services a business demands, and with both fire and security taken care of, the business owner can focus on what they do best, running their business.

CCTV Systems

These are ideal for all small businesses, as you have eyes at every location, 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and with an expert third party installing and servicing the surveillance equipment, security is assured. The latest generation of CCTV systems are fully adaptable, and adding cameras to suit is always possible. Remote viewing gives you peace of mind, and today’s criminal already knows all about video surveillance and will avoid it at all costs, giving you an effective deterrent.

It makes sense to prepare for every eventuality, and fire and security services under a single umbrella not only saves the business owner money, they are not burdened by the complex issues concerning both factors. If you would like to know more about such a service, an online search should provide the answers.

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