Get an Office Fit Out That Makes Business Sense

There’s a craze going on in London that doesn’t have an end in sight. Companies are doing fit outs all the time as they seek to maximise their workspaces for more profit. With the building boom that’s been going on in the City, it’s no surprise that building managers and tenants alike are demanding more for their money than ever before. Fit-outs require extensive planning and a cohesive design to realise the potential of the site. Most fits out projects are started with very specific design objectives that must be met. Most of the objectives centre on increasing productivity, which is always a good thing for any company’s bottom line.

Attractive Office

Contemporary Design Requires Balance

The design is much more than just making an office look better. That only serves the goal of improving aesthetics. Contemporary office design must go much further in that productivity gains have to be part of the results. Research has shown that well-designed fit out projects increase employee morale, improve teamwork, and boost the profitability of the company. Those are the types of objectives that keep management happy. Nobody has to go to their superiors and tell them that they think the office is ugly and should be redesigned. Instead, a business argument can be made that uses logic to compel the change.

Technology Drives Collaboration

Technology is a key driver in contemporary office design. Companies like StrategyHat London, incorporate technology into the workflow so that employees are provided with a seamless experience. Remote workers are able to visit the office and intuitively understand just how everything fits together. They can work with others, which reduces the sense of isolation they’re feeling. All offices have extensive technology infrastructures that must be accounted for when a design is done. An old office usually does not use this asset effectively. A fit out is a way for an office to be totally redone in a cohesive manner so that the space makes the most efficient use of all the current technology available. Depending on the budget and objectives of the project, technology can be implemented that will vastly improve how the office space is being used and perceived by visitors and employees alike. Your office space communicates with people in a way that is captivating and important. A fit out tells the world everything they need to know about your brand and your goals.

Compliant Designs Pay Off

An experienced firm not only achieves the design aesthetic, but they also meet business objectives while satisfying all statutory regulations. You’ll walk into a perfectly designed office that is modern in every sense of the word that is completely up to code. All of this can be done at a reasonable cost. Meeting the code of the building requires foresight. Great design companies never miss these important details in favour of simply making an office look good. That is an important goal as well, but compliance and profitability are just as crucial. You’ll never have to worry about these issues when you select a professional team that has worked on countless other projects in the City and who can be counted on to come through for you. The first thing that has to happen for your new project is that a building assessment has to be completed before anything else can happen. Arrange for the team to check out your premises so they can take a look at exactly what can be done so they can get an idea of how to do it. This is a crucial first step that will also get the wheels turning on design concepts that can be implemented. They’ll make not of the technology already present so they can sketch out what their implementation will entail.

Meet with a Team

A team of designers that is perfectly suited to handle your job will be brought in. Based on their expertise, you’ll soon discover exactly what possibilities exist for your project. At this stage, you’ll also be given time frames and costs so you’ll know exactly what’s going on at all times. It’s worth pointing out another major consideration with a fit out. Most fit outs these days include strong branding elements as part of the core design. Your brand is what drives your profits. You need to incorporate your brand into your final design so that everyone who stops by is well aware of who he or she is dealing with. Your design team will know the best way to add those all-important branding elements into your fit out. That’s one more way that your new office can be more productive than your old one. If you neglected branding the last time through, you’d gain the added benefit of having it right this time. Branding is the feather in the cap of your fit out project. Your project culminates with all of the various benefits that have been added that include branding, workflow increase, employee morale improvement and a major upgrade to aesthetic value. Your employees will feel it’s a joy coming into this massively improved workspace. That alone gives you organisation a boost, especially if you’ve operating in a moribund facility. If you’re moving to a whole building, you can probably land a number of increased benefits from their management company. Try to get free parking or access to a gym. Many companies are doing that as the competition for tenants in London commercial spaces has really heated up.

You don’t have to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your new office. Your company has earned the right to move up in London and now is your time to shine. Check out what design companies can do for you and make a decision after you’ve looked at their prior work. They should be able to give you a detailed quote after your assessment. The time has come to enjoy the fruits of modern office life. Your employees and you will be more productive than you ever dreamed possible with your new fit out.

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