How Can SEO drive a New Brand to Success?

SEO based content can lead brands to success if it appears on top of the list in different search engine niches like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. How does this work? To do so, marketers should determine the most popular terms used by internet users when searching in the web and incorporate them as primary keywords on their SEO campaign.

However, companies should also be aware of the most strategic ways of using these words to prevent keyword stuffing. Note that search engines have recently changed their rank system, putting emphasis on the relevance of the content first before keywords. To put simply, the success of a campaign lies on the keywords used and the relevance of the contents to their target audience.


Link building

Another way of using SEO to help your brand succeed is to implement link building. This is the method of providing links of your websites through viable means such as putting them on your online contents, your comments in others’ blogs, or in other websites in general. That being said, having as many visible links as possible means greater chances of driving traffic to your website.

There is just one drawback in link building which most new brands are vulnerable with. One drawback is that your link is at risk of appearing on poor websites or those that spam your viewers when they click on it. This will technically drive visitors away instead of directing them to your site.

Needless to say, association with bad websites and companies may just cause your downfall in an instant. Unfortunately, brands that are just establishing their presence in the online community can only do one thing, and that is to evaluate the websites where they plan to put their links.

Importance of Tracking

The effectiveness of the SEO campaign is gauged through tracking your rank, referrals, and other data. Keeping track of your progress is an integral part of your digital marketing success. After all, knowing how to use keywords to turn your website into an SEO optimised haven is one thing, but knowing whether these strategies are working for your brand or not is another.

Finally, there are three criteria that you should take into consideration when measuring your SEO success:

  • Direct search, includes typed in traffic, cookies and bookmarks, e-mail links not using tracking codes, and others;
  • Referral traffic, links from anywhere in the web, e-mail with tracking codes, promotional campaign links and;
  • Search traffics from any queries in major search engines.

Knowing your real stand in all these aspects will help you shift into a more advantageous position, so you can plan for your marketing efforts better in the future.

A digital marketing agency usually comprises of digital marketers who use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the primary method to increase traffic on their websites; thus, establishing better visibility on the internet. For new online marketers who choose to use this method, it is important that they figure out the best way to use SEO to drive their brands to success.

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