How to Choose the Ideal Male Mannequins for Your Professional Needs

Clothing stores, tailors and a variety of different businesses in the retail industry all have need of male mannequins to showcase their merchandise. If you find yourself in need of a well-designed, realistic male mannequin suitable for helping you to attract more customers and leading your business’ growth.

Below are some of the main factors and considerations to keep in mind when it comes to selecting the right types of mannequins for your professional needs.

Full or Partial Physiques

Depending on what you need your mannequins to pose for, choosing whether you want a full or partial physique can be essential. If you want it set up in full view and you need it to pose with complete outfits that your store sells – including anything from fancy suits to t-shirts, jeans and sportswear – you might be interested in a full body male mannequin.

On the other hand, partial physique and headless male mannequins can be useful in locations or windows where height is a problem. They are also great when you have distinct sections in your store for clothing items and apparel that is only featured on the legs or torso, and it makes sense to display them separately.

Size and Posture

The size of your mannequin is important especially when you sell a diverse range of clothing items for various ages or body types. You might be selling clothes for taller or shorter people, teenagers or children. Also, the size and body type will be essential when it comes to selling plus size clothing or when you’re trying to promote a more unique line of clothing.

When it comes to posture, it doesn’t always matter whether or not you are able to change it. In some cases you just want to display your products in a straightforward manner, and you’d like to cut costs by avoiding fancy mannequins that can be molded into shape. However, if you want your mannequins to pose a certain way, or you’re looking for a specific look for a mannequin that would end up standing or sitting in your shop’s window, it makes a lot of sense to choose modular mannequins with joints that can easily be moved into whatever kind of position you prefer.

Color and Material Options

Color is not always an issue with mannequins, and you’ll find there’s a great deal of diversity. If you want to complement a specific look so that your mannequin will stand out in your store or its appearance will conform to a certain décor, you might look to specific colors or even abstract mannequins that are stylized, painted and designed for a more elegant appeal.

Finally, when it comes to materials the main concerns are appearance, weight, durability and realism. There are mannequins made from polyethylene and polypropylene, which are both highly resilient and able to display a unique and realistic look more efficiently. Other alternatives also include fiberglass, for a superior aesthetic look, and polyurethane – a heavier material that is, however, surprisingly resilient and can be quite stylish as well.

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