How to Get a Job in the Fashion Industry

There are so many young people trying to break into the fashion industry today. Social media is making it very obvious that many people can be successful, and at the same time, it’s making it simple for people to become members of the industry.

Social media is also doing a lot to influence the industry. Things are moving faster than ever, and more and more people are seeing the industry as being a place that they’d like to be. It allows the professionals in the industry to work with exciting technology, and to interact with their fans.

It’s easy to see how the fashion industry is one that’s more and more appealing.

Unfortunately, all of this interest as a result of social media might make it more difficult to join the industry.

Fashion Industry

Get an Education

Unfortunately, there are many celebrities that have no formal training with fashion that have extremely successful product lines. This is leading many to believe that they can be an influencer and leader in the industry as well and that all they need is their own impeccable fashion sense.

In reality, very few people at the top brands will take you very seriously if you don’t have a formal education. While the pictures you post on social media may have a lot of hits, this isn’t likely to matter to many in the industry. The most important members of the industry have had to work very hard to get where they are, and it can be insulting to them to see someone attempting to join the industry without, in their minds, taking it seriously.

Be an Intern

Internships aren’t thought to be the most glorious way to enter into any industry, but they are extremely valuable. You can learn a lot about how the industry functions, as well as learn valuable skills in a very short period of time as an intern. This also looks great on your résumé. It will help those that interview you to see you as someone who is very interested in the industry. This is encouraging to them because they won’t feel that joining the industry is a fleeting desire, but rather that it’s something you have put a lot of thought and effort into.

Get a Mentor

An internship is a great way to get yourself a mentor. Having a great mentor is like having a shortcut, or a secret weapon. This is true in any industry, but especially in fashion wear as single individuals can be such powerful influencers. How do you get a mentor? Just ask. Many great minds in the industry will be flattered by your enthusiasm and interest in them.

Have a Great Cover Letter

A great cover letter is essential. Hiring managers at major players in the fashion industry receive thousands of applications for the best jobs. They’re not likely to see your résumé unless you have a fantastic cover letter. Spend time, not only on the words but on the way your cover letter and résumé look.

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