How to Get a Job in Writing Field After Graduation

After graduation, you may feel a little lost. The good news is that there is a huge open market infront of you, waiting to be discovered. There are hundreds of opportunities you can take advantage of, you just need to select the best writer jobs suiting your needs and requirements. Even the very best essay writer will tell you that the beginning is never easy, but with a little patience you will enjoy a beautiful and satisfying career as awriter. Let’s see how to get a job in the writing field after graduation:

Responding to ads– with a quick research on sites such as Indeed or Craigslist you will come across many writing job offers. Clients create an ad, and you can respond to it. You will get in contact with the client through email, and you willhopefully complete the job to fit their needs. Just use important keywords in the search bar such as “copywriter”, “writing jobs”, “article writer” or other.

Researching through Google– the biggest, most powerful search engine can be the response to your first projects as a writer. Again, use powerful keywords to search for all kinds of writing jobs. Respond to the ads, or subscribe to forums to get in touch with clients. It will not be easy in the beginning, but as you gain more experience, everything gets super easy.

Provide free samples– this is an extremely helpful trick. Clients are generally reluctant about hiring writers with no or very little experience in the field. In order to help them make up their mind, you should offer a free writing sample. This way, the client can check on the quality of your writing, and decide if he wants you for the project. Providing free samples to get hired works in 80% of the cases.

Work with the pros– there are many reputable essay service out there where you can pay for essays, like They are constantly looking for fresh talent, so you could try getting your first projects here. The company can hire you for proofreading projects, essay writing or college assignment writing projects. The tasks are varied, so you will never get bored writing for such a company. As you gain your experience,you will be advanced to better paying, more complex projects.

Freelancing portals– UpWork, Elance or CrowdSpring are such freelancing portals where you can quickly find a writing job after graduation. You will need to search for jobs posted and then apply (bid) to them. Make sure to bid for up to 5 projects, and wait to see which client is responding. It is a little time consuming in the beginning, but you will get the hang of it and you will never be without an active writing project again.

Invest quality time into research and grab all good job opportunities. For some projects you will be paid lower, for others you will earn more. After graduation, you need to accept all types of writing jobs in order to build a strong portfolio and a good reputation as a writer. After that, you will dictate the rules…

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