How to Move Your Office in an Affordable Way

In an office, every man-hour worked is money that you spend or money that you earn. When those man-hours are spent moving furniture or packing boxes, that is money that you are losing. You are not paying your employees to be removalists. So, when you use them to pack and move your office, you are wasting your money. Also, your employees are not professional removalists, so there is no reason to believe they will be particularly good at it. They will take much longer to complete everything than professional removalists would, and they are more likely to break something. The best way to expedite your office removal and spend as little money as possible is to hire professionals.

Hire Professionals

Hiring professional removalists is the best option for office removals in Melbourne. Professional removalists have tools that make it much easier for them to move your office appliances. For example, professional office removalists have specially-designed dollies and hand trucks that allow them to move computers in an upright manner. Because their equipment is specially-designed for moving computers, they can quickly pack up your computers and load them onto the dollies. They can move them with as little risk of damaging them as possible. The speed with which they move them will save you money, since you won’t be out of your office for very long.

Furthermore, the security that comes with paying professionals to handle your move will save you money in the end. Your computers will be safe from damage. Also, the removalists will have other tools that will speed up the process.

File Cabinets

When you are moving, upright file cabinets usually have to be emptied and the drawers removed. If you hire professionals, you should look for a company that does not require you to empty your upright file cabinets. If done properly, a file cabinet can be moved with all of its contents still in it. However, that is not the case if you have stairs; if you have stairs, then there is little that can be done with a full cabinet.

Flat Rates

You should also look for a flat rate. Do not rely on a company that says they will charge you by the hour or based on the amount of work done. The one thing that is more expensive to a business than losing money is uncertainty. Uncertainty breeds more uncertainty and unexpected expenses. Eliminating uncertainty is incredibly important to balancing your expenses. A flat rate helps with that.

You should look for a company that offers you one rate and sticks to it. This will help you plan for your move. In addition to a flat rate, you need a company that offers you an estimate.


Estimates are approximations of how much money you will need to pay for your move, and since you are being offered a flat rate, you can trust your estimate. You should also ask for an estimate as to the amount of time the move will require. If you know how much time it will require, you can plan ahead for the time of least disruption for your move.

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