Increase Content Views With Accurate Subtitle Translation

Specialists define subtitles as a type of media message because they appear synchronously with the image on the screen, are intended for mass audiences, and are subject to specific requirements.

Typically, you can see the words on the screen consisting of one or two lines. We create subtitles for TV series, movies, and films in the most commonly used formats. Subtitles can be applied to your YouTube channel, Vimeo, TikTok, and Twitch videos, as well as for film, television, and games.

A professional subtitle translator can help with various steps of the process, from script and translation to recording and implementation with the perfect time sync. Subtitles have the power to increase audience size by having content understood globally and improving SEO with the extra keywords on-screen.

When did Subtitles Appear?

Subtitles emerged along with the motion picture industry in the 30s. Initially, they were used for short transmissions of dialogs or replicas and were placed as an explanation of the image on a different frame.

The Reasons to Use Subtitles Today

The sphere is quite broad, ranging, from using text accompaniment of original speech on the screen transformed for foreign viewers (which is necessary for international film festivals, for example) and its application in educational films.

Subtitles are indispensable when watching films for deaf or hard-of-hearing people. In such cases, subtitles and captions may include sound descriptions. Typical applications include movies, television, videos, cartoons, and PowerPoint presentations.

Allowing your content to be understood in every language will drastically increase views. It’s unlikely that foreign audiences will engage in your audio-visual production without the option to read the content in their local language.

Professional Subtitle Translation

Not investing in high-quality subtitle translators and implementation will be detrimental to your project. Sometimes dialogue and specific phrases will not translate, and another phrase is needed instead. Therefore, word for word translation never works. Have you ever watched a foreign language film where the dialogue didn’t make sense, even though it has been translated into your language? Trust in the professionals to receive quality subtitles that can engage audiences with an accurate representation of the script.

How much do subtitles cost?

The cost of a professional subtitle service depends on many factors. The initial and new languages will change the price as some languages can be translated to another easily. Others will require more adaption for the same message to be delivered as the original.

The length of your content, the number of words, and the number of desired languages will also affect the price. Some content will be dialogue heavy while other projects may require a smaller amount of translation. You may want to create a French version of your content to target that market specifically, or you may wish for multiple versions to target the entire globe for maximum benefits.

Technical requirements must also be considered. You may have the skills to implement the subtitles yourself or have already found the perfect voice for your projects. However, professional subtitle services will give you the option of translation, casting, recording, and implementation together. This saves time and resources.

For an accurate quote, reaching out is the best method. Please discuss your project with the subtitle service and let them know your specific needs. Get started today to increase views and discover new audiences worldwide.

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