Larissa Castelluber Discusses Marketing Secrets of 2017

In having the pleasure of interviewing the wonderfully charismatic Larissa Castelluber, we have learned many things including a bit about herself and some tips of what she sees within the Marketing Industry that may help market your local or online business.

“It is such a pleasure speaking with you Michael, yes our job at Design Moves is to assist in shortening the route in which leads you closest to your prospects and thus customers. A lot of times it can be as simple as cleaning the communication channels and educating the business owners or managers a few ways to go about a plan of action. In the world of marketing, there are many ways to get to the same goal especially within today’s day and age. I had originally started the company based on a family member had been ripped off from a marketing agency and so a clear transparency of the job being performed as well as doing what makes our client comfortable is what we are all about.”

Here are some Marketing Secrets for 2017:


The best marketers will be the ones that can relate to their audience and provide value towards the end user. If you cannot provide value within your business, that will be the first assessment you should partake in doing and reflecting in establishing. The tools may continually change however please make sure your value is clear within all of those communication tools


If you are paying those bucks for that office or local business store front, let it work for you. There are a plethora of free online LOCAL listings that you can create for yourself. If you are using social media please try to as much as possible hashtag (#) or physically tag your location. This includes all of your social media channels,example; not all users use Facebook and so please make sure ALL outlets that you are consistently updated to make a point to connect to the location in one way or another.

SEO for local keywords are also much cheaper and beneficial for your bottom line

*  For an additional tip also alternate using: City /  Street / State / and even county


Online businesses are truly a different animal than local and so please understand that the strategy varies. VALUE remains however. A good tip to note is that online businesses, alot of folks rely on product reviews, online credibility and validation before buying. They want to know that many have tried the product or service and enjoyed the end product. The real key to this process is that you have a limited time (est 30 seconds) to grab their attention and convey those points. Similar to Local businesses, there are free online listings however for products sites like take a percentage of the profit. Try to find the strongest 3rd party websites within your industry and use them to your benefit. Scope the first page competition, access what they are doing and how you can do it better!

Sales automation workflows may work to your benefit. (Sales automation uses a cause-effect funnel system throughout your sales process that may save you time after implementation)


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