Micro finance – the Redeemer of the Destitute

The poor and destitute need the support of the affluent and privileged people to help them come out of their miserable situation. It is not by their choice that they have been born into this kind of a financial state, it is just an unfortunate thing. But this thing should not be considered a handicap and misused, what can be done instead is to try and alleviate one’s condition.

Although most poor people take begging as the easiest means of earning food for themselves, yet that is definitely not the best thing to do. It is thus time for people to be introduced and educated about the concept of micro financing. This considerably new concept is being strongly recommended and promoted by the non-profit organization, Mercy Foundation, run under the leadership of Joe Johnson Welfont.

The mission of this organization is to uplift the poor and the needy and give them a better standard of life, so that the society is developed at large. This organization’s experts work relentlessly towards not just providing these micro finances but also educating and making more and more people aware about this extremely useful concept.

Micro financing refers to the giving of loans to the poor people who intend to begin any business of their own, but these loans are of a small size. Once the business is set and starts rolling, the borrower has to return the amount that he had taken, to the foundation in small installments. Availing this kind of a loan ensures financial security for the borrower as well as gives them a sense of financial freedom.

Once these under privileged people feel free from the shackles of debt and misery they start to think positively and consequently act positively too. They start saving small amounts of money for their future use while paying off the loan slowly and steadily, all at the same time. Their self esteem undergoes a complete renovation and their life becomes happier.

The advent of the micro finance has opened up a totally new horizon for the deprived class of people because they do not get entertained at any other loan giving sector as they lack assets. With these loans the poor people get the encouragement and even dare to dream of having things for themselves that they have bought by their hard earned money, in place of the previous life in which everything seemed to be a part of something unwanted, thrown into their laps by the rich.

Joe Johnson Welfont has been successfully leading the Mercy Foundation to help change lives without acting superior in anyway. He is in fact known for his expertise in helping the workers of the organization to impart education and awareness about the micro financing. He and his volunteers at the organization make sure that the poor families get to enjoy all the benefits of take a micro finance loan from them. One great thing about this foundation is that it is not dependent on the funding of the rich people to make the microfinance available to the poor. They have sufficient funds to help the destitute.

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