Reasons and Benefits of Using a Proxy Server


The World Wide Web is an opportunity to receive and study various information in a matter of seconds. The Internet allows us to travel and explore new countries from the comfort of our own couch.

Now it is impossible to imagine a person who does not use the Internet, since the network provides not only a simplified search for information, but also allows you to have fun. But in everything wonderful there is an ominous “but” …

Not all sites can be visited “openly”, access to some pages is possible only with a proxy server. It should be noted that the most favorable conditions for renting and purchasing a proxy are provided, for example, on the website Unique opportunities for a minimal fee are the best that you can find among the websites selling proxy servers.

What is a “proxy” server and why use one?

A proxy server is a link between a website and a visitor. Typically, the main task of a proxy is to hide the user’s real IP address. This proxy function opens up almost endless possibilities for the Internet user. Many sites read the server as a user and keep the real IP address data private. This handy feature allows you to go unnoticed and surf the Internet for your own pleasure.

It is worth noting that many qualified programmers and government agencies regularly use proxy servers to protect their own data from virus and cyber attacks.

The purchase and use of proxy servers is not a violation of the law, does not violate the rules of sites and communities, and does not provide for criminal or administrative liability.

Most often, proxy servers are used by users who have lost the ability to freely navigate their favorite sites. In 2016, due to the political situation in relations between Ukraine and Russia, all Ukrainian users lost the ability to use the Vkontakte social network. And this despite the fact that the Ukrainian audience of the site “Vkontakte” totaled more than a third of all registered accounts. And just at this time, the number of sites that offered free proxies has grown exponentially. The only difference is that free proxies, as a rule, do not hide the user’s real IP address and geolocation.

After a while, Vkontakte began to recognize proxies and block them. For many, the social network has remained inaccessible to this day.

Buying a high-quality proxy from a site you trust allows you to speed up page loading and at the same time maintain the confidentiality of your personal account data.

Most popular types?

By going to any site that offers the purchase of a proxy server, you can familiarize yourself with the most popular types that are offered to users. You can purchase the following proxies at an affordable price:

  1. Anonymous. This type of proxy server will reliably hide the user’s IP address and geolocation data. The fact of visiting through a proxy server will remain open for the site. You can safely go to sites without special protection and get the necessary information;
  2. Transparent. The simplest type of proxy. Such a server will not hide the user’s address, nor will it protect the person’s account from cyber attacks. The only advantage of using it is a noticeable acceleration of page loading;
  3. Private. The most reliable proxy server that guarantees complete user anonymity. The server not only hides the user’s real address, but also constantly changes IP addresses. That is, it is almost impossible to track the traffic and movement of the user on the network across the sites.

Naturally, all proxy servers differ in functionality and price. The choice always depends on the requirements provided by the user. Also, when buying a server, make sure that there is a support service on the site, which, in case of problems, will be able to provide assistance and give answers to all your questions.

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