Reasons to Choose Government Sector Jobs in India Over Private Sector Jobs

Everybody wants job financial freedom and security due to which people look for jobs that can provide them with financial security. This is the main reason why government sector jobs are popular over private sector jobs. On the other hand, private sector offers rapid gains. Private sector offers attractive salary and fringe benefits. This is why majority of young people, especially fresh graduates are attracted towards private sector. If you are looking for a job, and you are inclined towards working in private sector, look at these good reasons that will tell you why you should go for government sector jobs.

Stability and Security

The biggest downside to private sector jobs is that there is no job security. You have to be prepared for downsizing because a private company where you are working can downsize anytime and this would mean you might lose your job. On the other hand, government sector jobs provide security. This is mainly because government jobs are often permanent and employees can rest assured that you will work in your job for the rest of your life. Even if the government changes, permanent employees will remain in their position.

Retirement Benefits

Another good reason why you should go for a sarkari naukri is the retirement benefit that you are going to get. Retirement benefits are not as attractive as government sector or in some cases private firms don’t offer any retirement benefits. The reason why government employees get retirement benefits that they have to give a small percentage of their salary towards a corpus fund. This fund keeps growing until the retirement and after retirement government employees can use their fund however they want.

Pension After Retirement

Another great reason why government sector jobs be your first priority is because they offer financial security not only during the term of job, but also after end of job term in the form of pension. This simply means that government employees will still get paid after retirement in the form of pension. Good thing about pension is that it is given to the retired employee and/or their loved ones in the event of the death of the employee. It is a form of insurance and guarantees that your loved ones will be financially secured even if you are not there to take care of them.

Job Satisfaction

A private sector job looks attractive and lucrative, but it is all about being loyal to the private company where you are working. That private firm may have its own agenda and objectives. Working for a private means that you are working for the betterment of the firm owners. But if you work for the government it will give you more satisfaction because you will be working for the nation. You will also get job satisfaction from other factors that are associated with government jobs, such as leave and travel allowance, free accommodation, financial freedom and social status.
In short, government employment is better than private job in too many ways.

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