Stated Income Mortgage, Where You Can Applied!

The fact that the economic value of a house keeps on increasing very rapidly from year to year has made it more difficult for many individuals to own a house. This problem will become even more severe when you are unable to provide the income tax or work history. No worry, with stated income loans from you can get a loan based on whatever you stated and do not need to provide work history. is a trusted stated income mortgage lenders that make the ease of getting a loan without tax docs. They have a great team that will lead you to the best loan programs to help you own a decent house for yourself and your family. is fully aware of the fact that not everyone in this country is working at a reputable company and earns a decent salary every month. There are many other people out there who run their life with self-employment system or only work with seasonal employment. There are also many individuals who actually work on commission. All these people must find a great issue when it comes to purchasing a house for their families. It is almost impossible for them to verify their income by providing traditional income documentation.

Instead of opting for a usual mortgage loan like those people who work for a certain company, these people rely on stated income mortgage loan to earn their homes. Not only that it turns out to be no income verification loans, stated income mortgage loan can also lead you to a magnificent loan amount up to $2 millions. More importantly, the stated income mortgage loan agents from have been very experienced in this business. You can rely on them and their capacity to serve you with quick loan approvals. Stated income mortgage from would be a perfect and suitable loan program for many business owners and for those individuals who are self-employed


The Stated Income Loan Requirements You Have to Meet

Stated income mortgage has turned out to be a more preferable option these days. Before you can make the most of the no income verification mortgage from, it is important that you can meet all the stated income loan requirements. Unlike those traditional mortgage loans that require you to provide traditional income documentation, stated income mortgage issued by requires you to come up with a good down payment of 30% and your FICO score must be at least 600. Fortunately, gift fund from family member or relative can be part of the down payment. have highly experienced loan agents that can guide you through the whole process to make sure that you can get a mortgage loan without the need of income verification or stable income.

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