The App That Can Change Your Choice For Entertainment

The smartphone has some of the brilliant features that have made it a highly useful device for people of all age groups. The user can watch and create video also with the help of this device and hence, those who love to create a video, a smartphone is considered as a must. There are a few options available in the market as far as the smartphone device is considered. One can go for any of the models which can help him get the right video downloader.

The market has ample videos which are viral in the last few months. However, it depends on the choice of the users what kind of videos he wants to watch on his device. There are many platforms where these videos are easily available. One can check the sites which are dedicated to videos as well as social media and entertainment platforms where numerous videos are uploaded every day. These videos are not only created by the experts of video making, but there are also footages of some cameras which record live events.

Here are some of the moments which are viral in the world of videos in the last few months in the context of India:

  • Celebration of Independence Day: Being an important day, there were lots of videos created from the flag hoisting to the celebration of the day by various makers. Videos of Indian Army, Patriotic songs and with the national symbols of the nation were much popular in the market in those days.
  • Cricket match between England and Australia: Among the sports lovers, the first match between England and Australia was much popular when a bouncer injured the Australian Skipper. It has been a video that is seen by a lot of viewers who love cricket.
  • Politics: India has suspended article 370 from Kashmir which has been trendy in the world of video watching in the past some weeks. The life of an ordinary resident of Kashmir, it’s economy, its effects on the country, the celebration of the same across the nation were some of the most seen videos on different platforms.
  • Movies: In the past some weeks, some of the notable movies released and video trailers of the same have been watched by the viewers. Mission Mangal, Super 30 and Lion King were some of the movies in the list of trailers most watched by the users.


Many of the video lovers, love different videos in different categories mentioned above and used the application Vidmate online to download the concerned videos on the device also. Among the best apps that can fetch the videos from various platforms, the vidmate is a preferred choice of video lovers due to its quality and speed to get the video. It is also easy to download and simple to use to get the desired video pulled from any platform. If one has got this app on his device, there is a rare chance that he does not get the concerned video from the platform where it is uploaded.

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