The Best Cloud Based Tools for Business

Business needs to be looking at the Cloud. Storing tools online for easy access is an essential part of running a successful company, regardless of whether the business is a one-man band or a multi-employee corporation.

The vast majority of platforms online at present are running as a pay-as-you go model and this can be cumbersome to manage. It may also adversely affect costs and timely delivery of many reports.

What a business needs today is agility and something that is cost-effective. Running the HR side of the business via the Cloud is perhaps the most popular method going for business today.

Avantus HR – as an example – will manage flexible benefits, absence and leave data for employees, as well as payroll, tasks, notifications, company updates and expenses all under one umbrella.

It does not stop just there, however. There is a dedicated Recruitment Manager feature which helps your business to find and select the best on the market among the available candidates to fill those vital roles.

There is the Compliance Checker, which helps to establish whether or not departments across the business are meeting targets and complying with procedures and making the profit margins demanded of them.

The HR Software – known as Workplace One HR – can automatically create reports, recognise success and reward accordingly, plus publish a series of data driven spreadsheets that allow the management to see how the company is performing at a glance.

The Fully Integrated Flexible Benefits scheme is perhaps a feature that engages employees and employers alike. If there is loyalty, inspiration and engagement, then it may have come via the flexible benefits scheme. A Cloud-based tool that targets the individual employee and not just departments or entire workforces.

Flexible Benefits Schemes are something that caters for all. Every employee will be able to access this part of the Cloud, and any benefit available will be clear and easy to for them to see.

The Absence Manager tool within the Cloud-based management system allows tracking of every employee to see who is on annual leave, sick or compassionate absence. It can also monitor how many employees are going to be absent from one department over a given period of time.

This tool allows for management to restructure sudden staff shortages within certain times and at critical stages. These are among the best tools used in Cloud-based software which can be dedicated to any specific company.

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