The Best Materials for Banners

Banners are a great way to get the attention of your customers and potential clients. There are so many advertisements these days that people don’t even see them anymore. Can you honestly say you remember which companies were advertising on the side of the website you just visited? How many television commercials do you remember? So many people are either unplugging from cable companies or using DVRs to skip commercials that many people don’t even see television anymore. Advertisement blockers on the Internet cut down on most ads before videos or on the side of web pages. However, banners are unavoidable. They’re non-obtrusive ways to boast about your business and advertise your services. Also, they’re great because you can alert people to your location if the banner is near your business. You must take the time to figure out the right kind of banner. This choice depends on what you intend to use it for.

PVC Banners

Many printers in Adelaide report that PVC is one of the most popular materials for advertising banners. PVC is a sturdy material; it’s weatherproof, tear-resistant and flame-resistant. It’s not completely flame-resistant, however, so don’t try and set it on fire. But in general, it probably won’t accidentally catch on fire.

It’s a polymer-based material so it’s waterproof. It also holds ink very well; you can paint it vibrant, dynamic colours and expect the colour to stick for a very long time without fading. Since it holds colour so well and the material resists wind and rain so well, it is a great material for outdoor banners.

One of the drawbacks of PVC is that it is somewhat heavy. It requires heavy metal grommets, strong rope, and a sturdy fixing point to make sure that the banner stays up. That need is exacerbated if you live anywhere windy. The force of the wind could cause a serious problem. One way to solve the wind issue is to cut small flaps into the PVC to allow air to pass through; this distorts the images somewhat. Mesh is the other option.


Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are made from a variety of materials. The defining factor is that they’re composed of a looser weave than fabric or PVC. Since the weave is slightly looser, mesh banners are composed of millions of tiny holes that allow wind to pass through. That makes them lighter weight and also reduces the likelihood that they’ll pull or distort when the wind blows. Mesh, due to its more complex construction, is slightly more expensive and not quite as sturdy as PVC. It’s great for outdoor use however. For indoor use, fabric is incredibly popular.

Fabric Banners

Fabric banners are made from a variety of different fabrics; essentially, they’re woven materials that aren’t PVC. Fabric is much lighter weight than the outdoor mesh or polymer-based PVC. It can be easily rolled up and carried. That makes it great for conventions and exhibitions where you’ll be setting up a booth.

PVC banners are great for harsh sun and rain. Fabric is great for portability. It’s important that you pick a quality printer who can create a stunning display.

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