The Different Methods of Promote Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a process that brings advertisers closer to consumers. As part of an elaborate marketing campaign, businesspeople send out advertising prints through the mail. Some clothing stores mail catalogues to their consumers. Local dental offices mail cards that remind people to get check-ups. The main purpose of direct mail is to promote business products and services right at the customer’s doorstep. For most marketers, there are several types of printing options to choose from.


In the past, catalogue mailing was a big business in the U.S. Nowadays, the popularity of catalogues has declined due to increased environmental awareness. As a result, companies have streamlined the look of their catalogues and reduced the volume of paper they use. Customers are still receiving catalogues through the mail and making purchases this way. Today, they have the additional option of looking through the catalogue and going online to pay.


Direct mail brochures have replaced catalogues over the years. Brochures are smaller, lighter and packed with fewer pages. An example of a brochure is a restaurant menu that has been mailed to hundreds of people. Many people know about certain restaurants because they have seen these brochures and looked through the product selections.

Direct mail brochures are not advertised exactly like catalogues, though. Many of these prints are not requested, so people may treat the mailings like spam. However, they can request more information about a topic and receive informational brochures in return. An example is a brochure mailed from a travel agency. Travel brochures contain photographs and summaries of particular travel locations. There could be additional sections devoted to testimonials and travel tips.

Every business has the means to make brochures that promote sales or information. Many business printing companies have designers ready to assist people in this process. Designers will research the industry and choose the images and fonts that appeal the most to consumers.

Sales Offers

Nearly every homeowner has opened the mail and received single cards that advertise certain products or services. Many businesses will contact random homeowners and send their latest sales offers to them.

Some cards have the name of the addressee of the front while other cards have “Resident” or “Homeowner” on the front. Most recipients do not pay for these offers or know they are coming through the mail. Even so, many sales offers are known to be effective.


You will see coupons in many different places, such as newspapers and magazines. All you do is clip out the coupons and use them before the expiration dates. The coupons help people save money on their favourite products. If they want, they can test out new products using these discounts.

Scope Business Imaging knows that most businesspeople have heavy printing needs. For centuries, people have used direct mail marketing to interest customers and build profits. Today, businesses are still benefitting from the use of direct mail marketing. They know that mailing out prints will never go out of style as long as people receive mail.

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