What Damages Can Be Claimed After A Car Accident?

When an accident takes place, there are several types of damages that are caused not just the physical ones and the law allows the injured person to claim for several types of damages. The most important step towards a car accident claim is determining accident fault after which it becomes easier to figure everything out.

Let’s discuss the kind of damages that can be claimed in case of a car accident.

Medical expenses

You are entitled to claim for the medical expenses which occurred due to the injuries which were the result of the accident. This is the reason why it is mandatory for you to keep every receipt and record of the medical expenses in one place. There are many different types of expenses that are covered under medical expenses like hospital stays, ambulance costs, surgery, medications, in-home care, rehabilitation expenses, etc.

Property damage

When an accident happens, it is not just the car that suffers the damage in terms of the property there are other things like jewelry and clothes which can suffer damage. If the fault is proven, you can claim for all these other things including the repairing cost of your car.

Wages lost

When a person is injured in a car accident they might have to miss some days of work depending on the seriousness of the injury. They are allowed to get compensated for the wages they have lost due to missing work because of the injury. Not only that but they are also allowed to file for compensation for the extra bonuses and opportunities that they might have missed.

Loss of consortium

If a person becomes disabled you to the accident and it interferes with enjoying a normal life with their spouse, they can file for loss of consortium.

Pain and suffering

The law recognizes that the loss caused by the accident can also be mental and emotional which is why it has a provision for pain and suffering.

Wrongful death

If a person dies in an accident, the law states that the family and the people who were dependent on that person will get compensation.

These are the different types of damages that can be claimed after a car accident.

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