What is it that is moving in the world of packaging design?

Upcoming trends in packaging are summarized in the following points:

  • Containers increasingly evoke emotions and experiences. The developments are closely related to the positioning strategies of each product and consumer needs.
  • The search for balance between structural and graphic design is increasing.
  • We will meet intelligent, interesting and convenient packaging. Small, portable and individual formats will continue to gain ground in new categories.
  • Increase the presence of packaging that appeal to all the senses.
  • Concern for the environment continue to grow. The high recyclability of packaging will achieve added value.
  • Children continue to demand packaging with bright, cheerful colors on their characters or fashion drawings take center stage, even higher than the brand itself.
  • Housewives will bow for packaging with attractive designs in fresh colors, demonstrating new, good taste and practicality.
  • Young people will be attracted to ergonomic packaging. Dynamism and reflect your lifestyle. Innovative packaging that add fun to their lives.
  • Thanks to the anthropomorphic and anthropometric studies we will find sophisticated packaging for niche markets, such as athletes, with designs with special grip zones that can be opened without using your hands.
  • Universal designs. Created to include people with motor and / or sensory disabilities and reach the widest possible audience, beyond the needs and skills of an average healthy adult.
  • Graphic designs adapted to the reality of people over 60 years. Easy to recognize, that transmit feeling of great quality, that information is visible, with actual product photos or their contents may be. With colors that suggest their joviality, to encourage them and make them feel happier.
  • Retro designs. For example, in Japan they have reported products that emulate the taste and packaging design of the past, so that those over 30 years to relive your childhood through flavors that awaken memories.
  • Packaging fun for differentiated products. Labels with various applications such as promotional items, safety and functionality.
  • seasonal designs and limited editions; to maintain a changing presence on the shelves and provide an innovative and dynamic image.


The packaging and labeling have several objectives:

Effective protection during transport of large quantities.

Marketing: The packaging and labeling may be used by manufacturers to entice potential customers and end up buying the product. The design and graphical form is a phenomenon that is constantly evolving.

Information on safety and handling thereof and the final product packaging.

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