4 Reasons Why Women Become Escorts

In this age of female empowerment and equality, one has to wonder why women would want to become escorts at all. And yet the ideas that support this statement unjustifiably defames this sector and unfairly pigeon holes these women alongside prostitutes, when the role they serve is far removed from instant sexual gratification. Here are some of the extra reasons why women chose to be escorts.

female empowerment


As much as we think that humanity is moving away from its animal instincts, the fact is that beauty and youth give a woman unmistakable power and yet many blessed with such looks find themselves, due to the under-qualification and under experience that comes with youth, doing dull jobs with low salaries. By comparison, escorts can make £150,000 when they use marketing effectively and offer a consistently high standard of service. And, given this, it is understandable that some women prefer to use their beauty to get into this industry.


Far from the stereotype of pimp-controlled prostitutes, escorts are completely in control of their own lives. And, while men may request certain elements as part of the arrangement– including sex – she is the one in command and can tell her agency whether she wants to involve herself with this contract. Their power over this relationship means that this is one of the few industries where women rule the roost.


We live in a world that is interconnected like never before and yet many with aspirations to take advantage of this freedom find themselves trapped in monotonous rat race in Bracknell, for instance. By contrast, escorts are able to travel the world and often do so at the expense of the man by their side, but she is the one to control where she goes and who accompanies her. This means she can follow the sun and good weather all year round if it pleases her and she can also combine this travel with hobbies or passions and this is something that only a very few people are able to say.

Social Status

Successful escorts are so expensive that only the very wealthy can afford their company and this means that they are quickly thrown into social circles that most of us can only dream of. They will find themselves at exclusive parties and social events attended by some of the richest men in the world and this allows them to build a network of important people that they can use to whatever end they see fit. This will also include meeting famous actors, professional sportsmen, musicians and so forth and it is obvious from this that if she has specific aspirations in life, such access can only be a benefit for a pretty and talented girl. It certainly beats recruitment agencies.

I am not sure whether this information will stop people from judging the men themselves but, far from being a form of the submission for which many a bra was burnt in the past, some could argue that these women use this job to gain power over the other sex. But, regardless, I don’t think these women could care a less about what we think of their lifestyle as they sip champagne while sitting on their mattresses of money. And the men that associate with them equally understand what they are getting into and they know that a reputable London escort agency is the best guarantee that they will be introduced to women appropriate for them.

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