Great Career Choices for a Stable Future

Despite being in a recession there are still a few careers that provide more security and safety than others. These are the jobs that remain in demand even when disposable incomes have reduced. While the average person may not be spending money in shops as much as they once were they still have responsibilities elsewhere and this is where the safest careers lie.

If you are planning on a new career, are picking your education route or are simply looking for some ideas perhaps these will help:

Career Choices

Health Related Careers

Sadly people will always get ill, grow old and injured and although some of the career choices mean long hours for pay that doesn’t quite reflect the work that is done at least your skills will always be in demand. There are various routes to go down so don’t go thinking you have to train as a doctor or a nurse. You can look into other options that don’t require such a long educational commitment. Alternative therapies are also a good idea such as acupuncture, different types of therapies and massage. On a similar note death is something that comes to us all so if you don’t like the idea of going into medicine you could choose to become a funeral director or mortician.


Teachers and tutors are always required. Children need educating in schools, they need extra help outside school hours and schools also require administrational help. Many adults decide to go back into education so if you are not keen on working with children or teenagers you do have other options. Alternatively you could become a coach for small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Food is essential to life and living and therefore everyone will always need to eat. There are all sorts of jobs in the food industries including manufacturing, selling and service.  You could work for a company or open your own food service business. There is a lot of scope here so speak to a career advisor to find the right option for you.

Working for the Military

The military receive a lot of funding and there will always be a need to look for new recruits in all areas. When working for the military you will have a lot of your everyday living costs covered as well as making a living. You don’t have to be down on the ground fighting the enemies, there are many different careers to consider so don’t write it off as an option until you have investigated your options fully. Some of the choices include accounting and finance, arts, media and design, business administration, construction, counselling and aviation.

Skills and Trades

Skills are always a great idea for careers. If you have a skill you have the option of working for firms or setting up your own business. There are all sorts of skills that will make you a great living such as hairdressing, carpentry or plumbing and heating Jobs. You will need training but there are all sorts of courses available as well as apprentice opportunities so you can earn while you learn.

It’s never too late to change your career so learn more and find the right fit for you.

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