7 Benefits of Using Pallet Cages

Pallet cages are basically like a hybrid of a pallet and a cage. They are used to securely store and transfer goods that would not be safe to transfer on an ordinary pallet.

The upper cage ensures the goods will stay confined and untouched during the trip. You can find pallet cages in various shapes and sizes.

They are made of different materials, such as the mesh, wire, and steel ones from Krosstech. The material you choose should depend on what you want to transport.

Below are seven reasons to use pallet cages for storage.

1) Protects the Goods

Pallet cages offer premium protection to your stored goods. They are less likely to get damaged or scuffed as you transport them from point A to point B.

Anything happening in the exterior environment will not impact the goods whatsoever. For instance, if you need to transport consumer protects or manufactured items to different locations in a warehouse, you can reduce the number of accidents and recalls if pallet cages are used to store the items.

2) Easy to Stack the Goods

If you want to keep your goods stored away in a warehouse or someplace else for a long time, then you will benefit from using pallet cages.

They allow you to stack multiple pallet cages on top of one another to consolidate space in your environment.

You cannot stack ordinary pallets because they have no upper cage to protect their stored goods.

Pallet cages ensure the goods are not impacted by the weight of any other items on top of them. Consume the vertical space in your environment and save on ground space.

3) Temperature Resistance

If you use metal pallet cages to store goods, then you will have the added benefit of temperature resistance.

Metal cages are designed to withstand cold and hot environments with ease. If you live in a region with cold winters and hot summers, you should consider purchasing pallet cages for your items.

Some warehouses and industrial facilities tend to generate heat and cold temperatures as well. Metal pallet cages would make an excellent addition to such environments because extreme temperatures do not affect them. The cages will stay strong as they protect the items inside of them.

4) Customisable

Pallet cages do not come in all one size. If you need a big or small pallet cage, you can have one customised to suit your needs.

Give your pallet cage specifications to the manufacturer or supplier and let them take care of it for you.

Make sure you also specify which material you would like for your custom pallet cage. Then you can feel confident that your goods will stay safe in your environment.

5) Chemical Resistant

Do you work in a laboratory or other environment that handles a lot of dangerous chemicals and liquids?

If so, then you could benefit immensely from a steel pallet cage. Steel pallet cages are designed to withstand chemical spills, so stored goods can stay safe and protected.

You never know when such an accident might occur in a warehouse or facility with lots of chemicals being handled frequently.

6) Easily Moveable

Pallet cages are compatible with pallet jacks and forklifts. If you have either one of these machines, you can lift and move your pallet cage without risking any damage to the goods inside of it.

Total stability will be maintained. Your stored goods will not move around or topple over while they are in transit. The pallet cage keeps the goods in one position the entire time.

7) Space Saver

There are two ways in which pallet cages can save space in your environment. We already touched upon the first way before.

You can stack pallet cages on top of one another to utilize vertical space and reduce horizontal space.

Secondly, if you have collapsible pallet cages, you can dismantle them whenever they are not in use.

Then you will not have to consume so much space in your facility by storing unused pallet cages.

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