The e-Sign Technology for Business Promotion

The creation of documents through an application for electronic signatures reduces the number of errors in texts by an average of 80%. If you create a document in an app, and then, you have access to such auxiliary functions as automatic word replacement, templates, libraries, etc. Thus, the implementation of electronic signatures saves the company a lot of time and resources for correcting errors.

Legality Issue

An electronic signature is a relatively new technology for signing and regulating documents digitally. E-signatures gradually replace handwritten ones. They are officially approved and have full legal force.

Since 1997, the technology was accepted by the law of many authorities. Gradually, all large companies in the world will switch to electronic documentation. By doing it now, you can already reap many benefits for your business.

Why SignNow?

SignNow is a trusted company that provides the possibility to create and use an electronic signature. The quality is confirmed by millions of satisfied customers worldwide. It cooperates with world-famous organizations, such as:

  • CBS Sports Network
  • Colliers International
  • Zoom
  • European Wax Center
  • Community Bank
  • First Data

All the data you have entered in the service are completely protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. It encrypts all your information and sends it directly to the server; so, no one can change or download it. If someone views the document with your signature without your knowledge, you will be immediately warned through the notification. So, you can keep your information here safely.

Attractive Pricing

SignNow stands out from other similar platforms in this field. The cheapest SignNow plan costs $/ month per user, and it includes 13 useful features. Other similar resources charge from $10 to $20 for roughly the same list of services. For example, PandaDoc’s cheapest plan costs $19 and consists of 4 features, and DocuSign asks for $10 for 4 features.

SignNow has 422 reviews on the >Capterra website A lot of users note that the pricing plans are the most profitable on the market. It is beneficial for both novice firms and huge experienced business companies.

How to Log in?

SignNow is available on all types of devices (PCs, laptops, or mobiles). You may download a convenient-to-use mobile app from Google Play or Apple Store. Or you may log in via your browser without installing any additional software. To register an account, follow the instruction below:

  • Click on the «Login» button
  • Enter you first and last name in the corresponding input fields
  • Fill in your current email and phone number
  • Enter the company information (name, your job title, and select a size from the list)
  • If you want, describe the document workflow below
  • Check the data
  • Press the «Submit request» button

That`s it! After registration of an account, you have access to the whole range of functions.

How to Create an Electronic Signature?

There are several ways to create a digital signature:

  • Make a scan of your manual signature and upload it to the resource
  • Write it by using the touchscreen of your device
  • Use the computer mouse
  • Type your name or initials on the keyboard and then change the font into a «signature» one to make it look like a handwritten

Pricing Plans‘ features

SignNow has 3 types of pricing for every budget. The cheapest is called a Business plan, and it costs just $8/ month/user.

The middle, Business Premium, costs $15 per user/month, and it includes all the Business features and some more.

The Enterprise plan is the broadest, and it costs $30. It includes all the Business Premium features and some more.

The Business includes 13 features. There are some of them:

  • Signing documents. You can send documents to one or multiple receivers to fill in and sign.
  • Additional clients. You may include up to 10 clients as senders to your account. In case you need to include more, call the organization number 800-511-4951.
  • Get assistance from qualified employees through the live chat.
  • Both new and existing clients can install the mobile application on iOS or Android mobile devices.
  • Keep track of all documents and follow the history of changes.
  • You may convert any document or agreement into a template and send it to one or multiple users at the same time. Create an unlimited number of templates.
  • Cloud archiving. Download all the files into cloud storage for keeping them safe.
  • Different languages. All the files may be converted into a convenient language for clients and partners abroad.
  • So that you won’t forget to sign or review the file, SignNow periodically sends you corresponding reminders.
  • One team. You can exchange, sign, and share documents within your team.

The Business Premium package has unlimited teams and some additional features, such as personalized branding, groups of documents, bulk invite function, and some others.

The Enterprise plan has all the noticed options and 9 more, when compared to the Business Premium.

If you hesitate about which plan to choose, you may use the free trial. Check all the options for free for 7 days and pitch upon the best package for you.


An electronic signature is a modern technology that gradually replaces the handwritten one. Its integration is completely safe and secure. It may bring a lot of benefits to your business: speed up the workflow, save time and money, reduce paper use, etc. It is important to pick up the quality platform so that your enterprise progresses faster.

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