A Closed-Circuit Television System Is an Ideal Solution for Retail Security and Monitoring

If you run a retail store, you know the importance of loss control and prevention. Not only can shoplifters be a problem but employees also can be less than honest when cashiering or placing stock. That is why a closed-circuit television is often advised in this type of setting.

CCTV Features

A closed-circuit television system uses a discreet camera that can be hidden and is therefore barely noticed. You can choose from a digital or analogue system or one that is wired or wireless. Sometimes the system includes a recording device.

Security Benefits

A Bishop’s Stortford CCTV installation can benefit a retailer in the following ways:

  • The system provides continual surveillance. When you have a security camera installed, you have 24/7 monitoring even if the store is closed. Many thieves target stores when they are closed. Therefore, adding a closed-circuit television can greatly assist in deterring criminal activity.
  • The system prevents internal theft. Statistics show that internal thefts decline when a CCTV system is installed. When cameras are positioned inside a store, it makes it difficult for employees to take items from a store’s inventory.
  • The system assists in loss prevention. When you have a CCTV in place, you can catch shoplifters on film, which is yet another reason for this type of visual security.

The software for a system can be installed if the setup features a laptop or computer or the camera can be hardwired directly into the display. Needless to say, you can choose from several options. Therefore, you need to review the layout of your establishment and the total cost before making a solid decision.

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