Why Stepping Out Of The Office Boosts Creativity

We all know how taxing work can get, especially if you have to take some of it home. Nobody likes to spend their personal time crunching numbers and sending e-mails when they can simply kick back and relax after a really hectic work week. But what if there were a way to turn all of these professional chores into something interesting and worthwhile? What if you had the freedom to explore all options and solutions to get your work done anywhere, like an office space for rent, such as Common Desk ? What if someone told you that all these things are within your reach, and that you would no longer have to get anxious about taking your work home?

Think about it for a minute. You have stacks of papers to file come Monday and a ton of emails to send before, but no boss who walks to your cubicle to remind you to get all of this done immediately. The weekend is the opportune moment to take control over how your work needs to get done. For two days, you are your own boss. You’re free to fix your schedule. You can allow yourself to take as many breaks as you want. Don’t let your take-home work dictate your weekend; you dictate how you want that work to get done.

Believe it or not, this freedom will boost your morale and productivity. You’re now free to get creative with how you get your work done. You can call up a few friends and ask them to swing by your place to help you sort out your papers or proofread your emails. No boss means no red flags noticed if you access websites that are restricted on your office network, which also means you now have the leeway to scour the Internet more liberally, should you need online content to help you finish your work. You can also drop by a coffee shop, or place like this Granite Park coworking space, so you can enjoy your favorite beverage while working, or have the opportunity to meet new people who can help you with your tasks.

Being your own boss for the weekend also means you still have the freedom to choose what you want to do with your spare time. Lunch breaks at work are just that: lunch breaks. Lunch breaks with you as weekend boss could mean having a beer or two with your buddies, a movie date with yourself or with a special friend, or just that, and then some, like a lunch break while catching up on your favorite TV shows. With no one telling you what to do, what you can do, and what you can’t do, you’re more relaxed, which means you can focus better on your work.

So the next time your boss tells you he needs you to edit some of his contracts and send a few of his e-mails over the weekend, don’t take the order with the frown. Instead, start thinking of fun and creative ways to get this stuff out of the way the soonest, so you can still enjoy those two sacred days before the start of another hellish work week.

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