A Guide to Outsourcing Your IT Department

Many small businesses make the decision of outsourcing their IT department. The IT department is generally responsible for solving all computer and mobile-related complaints. In companies where Blackberry devices are still prevalent, the IT department is also responsible for integrating the Enterprise Server and securing the company’s network. Owing to the fact that technology plays such an integral role in the modern business world, many companies often invest large sums of money in setting up their IT divisions.

However, in small businesses where capital is scarce, setting up an IT department might not be such a wise idea. Instead, if you want top level business IT support without having to spend so much money, a great option would be to outsource your IT services to another firm. Outsourcing has plenty of benefits, since it allows you to get maximum support for your customers and employees without having to set up a separate division. You don’t need to allocate valuable office space to a separate department, nor do you need to spend large sums of money hiring more employees and purchasing expensive equipment. Here is a brief guide to outsourcing your IT department:

Find a Reliable Company

The first step is to find a reliable company that offers business support services. Some companies generally offer dedicated network support, while others offer purely technical services. If your company has a dedicated network infrastructure, you will need extensive IT support. Managing routers, switches, and other equipment is not easy, and you will need to outsource your support division to a reputable firm that is known to be reliable.

Emergency situations such as network outages or security breaches call for rapid action. In case the company fails to take quick action, you might end up incurring significant losses. Therefore, before you hire any company, ask them about their existing clientele and the services that they offer. Many companies usually have their own websites with detailed information about customer satisfaction and testimonials. You can read what other clients have to say about the company before deciding whether to hire them or not.


One of the biggest reasons that many people outsource their IT departments is because they want to mitigate their expenditure. Setting up a separate IT division is obviously more expensive than outsourcing the services, and you need to make sure that you keep prices as low as possible. Before you sign up with a company, ask them about the different plans they offer.

Some companies offer ad-hoc management solutions, while others offer annual packages that are designed to cater to all of your business IT problems. Get quotes from several different companies before coming to a decision about which company to hire. Some outsourcing firms also offer cheaper rates if you sign up long term, so you should also factor this in your decision. Ask if the company offers a trial for a few days so that you can gauge their level of service before signing a contract.

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