Argyle Pink Diamonds: Necessary Information To Know About

The Argyle pink diamond was discovered by a group of experienced geologists in Western Australia in the year 1985 and since then the mine was termed as the world’s largest producer of diamond contributing about 20% share of the pink diamond supply. Few percentages are pink in colour and the ratio is about 0.1%. Whereas the mine was an open cut till the year 2013 and is the only steady source for natural pink coloured diamond contributing the share of 90% of the pink diamonds all across the world.

Before the existence of Argyle Mine, irregular pink diamonds having deep colour saturation had been found in Brazil and African mines too.

The Argyle Pink Diamonds are far from rare and with the prediction of the closing of the Argyle mine, it is stipulated to be an ‘Australian Heritage’, diamonds to be greatly needed by the collectors and investors globally.

Because of its worth, this rare diamond has become the top in list asset for investment. So in order to invest in Argyle Pink diamonds, one has to have some necessary information which includes the following-

Colour Classification of the Argyle

Argyle is the largest manufacturer of pink diamond and has the grading system which has been internationally recognised for the coloured diamonds. Natural diamonds irrespective of their colour are graded globally according to the well ingrained and known four C’s criteria which are Color, Clarity, Carat Weight and Cut.

With pink diamonds, the colour is the most important aspect along with its intensity level. This is the reason which determines the worth of a pink diamond. Clarity is also important but as compared to colour, it’s the secondary aspect followed by Carat, Weight, and Cut. The colour and list of Argyle Pink diamonds range somewhat between the palest shades of pinks to deep reddish. Each shade of the pink spectrum lies in between light to dark. The more deep shade of pink and higher intensity of the colour. The unusual and more expensive the diamond includes the fancy red diamond, being so rare that it can only be seen by few people across the world.

An enchanting collection of 63 stones, evidence of the splendid argyle diamond mine, for more than three decennaries has alluded the world with its shades and tints of enchanting and an array of unique colours.

The Argyle diamonds are far beyond rare for over the time of about 1.6 billion years and has been emerged as the most captivating diamond in the history ever. Cherished for its breathtaking beauty and inception, the Argyle pink diamond is chosen as the most revered diamond of the world.

Argyle Diamond’s Authenticity

Argyle gem identification and authenticity document are provided by almost all Argyle diamonds weighing 0.15cts which can be cross-checked on the website of Argyle diamond about all issues related to its authenticity and identification from January 1st, 2019.

Above all is the necessary information need to know before investing in the Argyle pink diamond. So that you can choose it wisely, and can know about its purity and other aspects.

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