How to Choose a Courier Company

Courier companies are great alternatives to standard shipping. Couriers work longer hours and have fewer restrictions on time, delivery, and size of pallets. The following tips can help you choose a reliable courier company.

Available Services and Delivery Options

Couriers vary in what type of services they offer, as such, knowing what couriers provide will help you select a company that will meet your needs. Getting more detailed information about the type of delivery they provide, the rates, tracking options, and pallet restrictions are all important.

The first thing to check is whether the courier can provide delivery to your destination. Determine if the courier only delivers locally or if they partner with other carriers that deliver internationally. Another point to consider is how they will deliver your package. Will it be delivered by ground, sea, or plane?

After identifying whether the courier company can ship your package, the next step is to get a quote. A quote will help you get an idea of how much it will cost to deliver your goods. High-quality courier companies will offer quotes on-line and by phone which will make it more convenient for you.

Another consideration is the company’s delivery times. Can the company complete delivery in a reasonable time? Do they have any restrictions that can prevent them from providing quick delivery? Asking them questions up front will make the experience go smoothly.

An important part of shipping your package is the tracking process. Being able to track your package at every phase of the delivery is important. Look for companies that promise to give you tracking information throughout the shipping process and whether it can be tracked using the internet. A pallet courier that offers to provide up to date tracking information will give you piece of mind.

Your package is valuable to you, as such, insurance should be offered by courier companies. Check to see what type of insurance options is available. In the unfortunate circumstance of a lost or damaged package, can you file a claim on-line or does it have to be done by phone?

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

In addition to looking at the service delivery options, checking customer reviews and satisfaction is important in choosing a courier company. A reputable courier company will value customer service, and it will show from their customer ratings. Detailed customer ratings will reveal the company’s priorities.

When reviewing ratings, it’s important to look for certain information. Check the ratings for overall satisfaction, service support, up to date tracking, timeliness of the delivery, and any lost or damaged packages. See if the ratings discuss how easy it was to work with the company. Reviewing ratings for specific information will give you a clearer sense of the courier company’s trustworthiness.

Finding a reliable courier company is easy. Checking their delivery options and reviewing their customer feedback will give you the data you need to get your shipment delivered in a timely and convenient manner.

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