Print shops

Print shops are many these days. Even though fewer people seem to be needing printing these days, more print shops have started to come up, but there you go. They can be big, they can be small, close, far, cheap, expensive. They come in all shapes and sizes. Because you’re not looking for state of the art technology or fantastic quality. You’re looking for a good balance between quality, price and speed.

The idea is this: A print shop can print documents, photos. A print shop should be able to xerox large amounts of papers and documents. A print shop must be capable of scanning documents. If all these 3 requirements are met, then you’ve got yourself a quality print shop. The more capable of doing more stuff they are, the better the print shop usually is because this clearly states that there are some good people behind it.

Word of advice: Don’t always go to the print shop that offers the best quality in A4 printing. Go to one that is close to your location. The time saving is much more important than the quality, which in most of the cases is similar. Online printing services have also become very popular among marketing agencies due to their low prices in printing. Some local print shops have become online printers and so they can reach much more people and bring them their good service.

Print shops

Finding a good print shop isn’t hard. Yelp and Google are popular places to start looking for printing shops. The printing shop must be capable of printing A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 documents. The paper thickness should vary from 80g paper to 300g paper. Glossy papers, Matte papers and also textured A4 paper should be in stock. It’s nice if they can laminate documents because that will protect them from aging and damage. Poster printing is one of our favourites. We for example, use Epson SureColor to print fantastic posters on a glossy 220g paper. The prints come out great. We also print photos on Xerox DC242 machines. Even though laser printers weren’t made for photos, many customers are really happy with the quality of the prints. But it’s good not to go really far on defending the quality because sometimes banding can appear or gradients that the printer cannot process.

If you’re looking for a great print shop, you should try this place. It’s really nice and the prints come out great. They speak English as well. It’s the best place to print anything in Cluj to be honest. Other print shops just give you big timeframes for jobs that can be done in just 2 hours. It all depends on automation and efficient use of resources. We can do little with a lot. That’s the key in being succesful in the printing business. Many have failed because they had invested in huge printing machines that did not have a market in this specific area. Keep in mind, we’re not really known for our printing in this part of the country.

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