Why All Laundry Businesses Need Smart Machines

If you own a laundromat, then you know that the business is just as much a business about people as it is about dirty laundry. Meaning, your business and everything in it – your space, your equipment, your crew – have to work together to make for a wonderful customer experience in the 21st century; this is where smart machines come in.

In a nutshell, smart machines refer to hardware that can learn how to do things, with the least human intervention possible. They are different from their predecessors which have to be manually operated every single time.

Running a laundry shop is taxing; let’s make it easier. Here’s why you should secure smart machines for your business.

They Make The Process Easier

The main selling point of smart machines is innovation. We’ve left the era where washing machines do the bare minimum: load water, do a cycle, and wash clothes.

Now, we can control them remotely through third-party applications, accept payments and dispense cards, and configure our cycle to the frequent setting we use.

In other words, they are business-friendly now. Especially for laundromat customers who rent or often travel, smart machines like those sold by Continental Girbau make it easier to adapt to machines that aren’t theirs. Transactions are seamless, and doing laundry is a piece of cake.

They Detect Problems Faster

Since smart machines learn and use recurring data, it also makes sense that they detect hardware and software issues much faster. If a smart machine agitates when it spins, or if it isn’t draining the water properly, it will let you know.

A smart machine can reduce the error rate in high-precision work by 5% to 30%. Imagine the time and energy you save when something that’s used as often as a laundry machine doesn’t crash every so often.

They Handle Huge Loads Better

Business is always busy. For a laundry shop, expect that people come and go with their laundries real quick, that’s you why need machines that can handle a lot of laundry without breaking down or costing you much. A past survey reveals that 77% of customers go to a laundromat has large-capacity machines.

This is another step forward for smart machines. They not only boast durability, but also capacity. A commercial washing machines as seen in http://cgilaundry.com/ is able to handle huge heaps of laundry while still being able to clean clothes thoroughly.

No customer wants to repeat laundry cycles over and over; go smart and go big.

They Make Business Cheaper

Given all these that smart machines brag, it all comes down to savings. With smart machines, you spend less for repairs and for resources as well. On average, smart laundry machines, especially front-loader models save 40% water through timed cycles and temperature control settings.

Smart machines nowadays are also compliant with high-efficiency standards. This means, they use less water and less energy to heat it, and they do gentler cycles because they don’t have traditional agitators anymore.

Some traditional methods are hard to beat, but we still need to move forward and embrace change. Smart machines are a testament of technology innovating so that we can live our lives better and run our businesses faster.


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