Should You Do Business in Switzerland?

Should you do business in Switzerland? The short answer is, yes. Switzerland is an incredibly business-friendly market that offers many amenities, luxuries, and options that other parts of the world do not. However, moving your business is a big undertaking that you should not take lightly. So, here are a few more reasons to move to Switzerland.

Swiss Stability

As a businessperson, you know that marketplace instability is a serious problem. Markets around the world are becoming intrinsically linked and they rely on one another for stability. When the Japanese Nikkei has a bad day, the New York Stock Exchange also has a bad day. The global economy is becoming tied, so that it is harder and harder to find stable marketplaces anymore. Switzerland, however, remains stable.

The standard of living in Switzerland is very high. The average income of the country is over £50,000. Crime rates are incredibly low, and since it is not as involved in global politics as some larger nations, it does not suffer as greatly when the global economy shifts. The Swiss economy remains very stable, which makes a holding company in Switzerland a great choice for your business.

Favourable Tax Systems

Corporate taxes are one way that governments fund themselves and exert control over businesses. They can levy and waive taxes at their whims to influence businesses and the marketplace. The Swiss tax levying system does not operate this way. To encourage business growth, Switzerland keeps taxes and fees as low as is sustainable. This favourable business climate encourages more and more businesses to move there, which gives the nation its reputation as a great place to do business.

Swiss Reputation

Certain countries that have business-friendly tax systems, such as Caribbean nations, have been given the pejorative label of “tax havens.” This implies that businesses that operate in those countries are trying to cheat their way out of something. That can harm your business’s standing in the world community.

Switzerland, however, has a different reputation. It is known for producing high-quality businesses with respectable track records and trustworthy service. If you open up a Swiss holding company, you will be adding your business to a long tradition of great business coming out of Switzerland.

Switzerland Itself

Not enough can be said about the beauty and the majesty of Switzerland itself. In fact, that is probably more than enough reason to want to open a holding company. With a Swiss holding company, you have the opportunity to visit the Swiss Alps. The chalets are major attractions for people from all over the world.

Skiing, snowboarding, and trekking are very popular winter activities. Mountain biking and hiking are popular once the snow melts.

Switzerland has a unique, global culture that reflects their status as a citizen of the world and as a unique nation. The food, music, and culture are unmistakable. Obviously, you do not have to open a business there to holiday in Switzerland, but it might be nice to give yourself a reason to visit such a wonderful place.

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