Ways to Become a Citizen around the World

Regardless of where you’re from, the prospect of becoming a citizen in another country can be attractive. Whether you want to move to another country because of a business opportunity, or just simply want to experience a change of pace, becoming a citizen is a requirement for most. Citizenship means getting access to the government’s benefits, and gives you freedoms that you’ll likely want to have. However, the process can be confusing, and many people give up on their aspirations early due to the fact that they are just not aware of the various ways to attain this legal status. Below are the various methods available in most countries around the world.

Citizenship by Investment

This is one of the least popular ways to become a citizen, because it is rather expensive and thus out of the reach for most. However, second citizenship by investment can still be a practical option for many people if they have the means, and this option can make the process much faster. Depending on where you want to earn citizenship status, there may be a large investment made in government bonds, property, or local businesses. If you’re interested in purchasing these things already, this may be a wise option to pursue, as it can help you with multiple goals simultaneously.


Join the Military

Joining militaries around the world has many benefits. Military service can help you earn an education, and can teach you valuable lessons that will help you in your life. If you’re a young person who wants to pursue an education in a more affluent country, this may be a very reasonable option for you, but were you aware that it can help you become a citizen? Most people are not aware of this benefit, but most countries will offer this as an incentive to those crossing their borders.

Marry a Citizen

If you’re already in a relationship with a citizen of the country you are interested in, marrying that citizen will likely make it easier for you. While you do not generally earn citizenship immediately, and while there are usually costs and processes associated with this, it can greatly reduce the cost and the amount of time that you need to spend pursuing this goal. However, be aware that most countries have strict policies about the legitimacy of these marriages. It is generally unwise to pursue a marriage to a citizen specifically for the purposes of becoming a citizen. If money is exchanged for this service, for example, this can have severe ramifications. In most cases, investigations into the legitimacy of a marriage will be required. If something unethical has happened and it is discovered that you are only marrying the citizen as a way to become a citizen yourself, it is entirely possible that you could be permanently disqualified in many countries. There is a significant risk in pursuing this option unless you plan on staying married to this individual for the foreseeable future.

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