The Importance of the Right Safety Printed Media in the Workplace

As any safety expert will confirm, employee education is the key to a successful safety record in any industry, and printed media plays a critical role in the process, with a range of checklists and manuals that are essential for correct implementation. If we look at the Take 5 safety process, we can see that the concept of taking 5 minutes to review the job prior to commencement is at work, and we all need constant reminders, which is where the checklists come in.

Adopting a New Routine

Assuming a company began to implement Take 5 safety in the workplace, they would first need to design a Take 5 book, which would contain the basic strategies, and would be tailored to your specific industry. There are specialised printers who focus on printed media for safety in the workplace, and they can design and print a range of essential booklets and checklists, and with stickers and posters, you can everything covered. Once the workforce has been trained and issued with the printed media, they are equipped to begin to change their daily routine to incorporate the Take 5 system, which takes only a few minutes to complete.

Employee Training

It isn’t a good idea to introduce Take 5 without first explaining the motivation behind adopting the system, along with an explanation of every stage of the process. It is also important that the employees feel they belong to the project, so it is wise to remind them that Take 5 is for their safety, and with a little training, they will soon adopt the several procedures into their daily routine. Typically, your workforce can be prepared for Take 5 with a 2 hour workshop, where you have all the printed media at hand, and with step by step demonstrations, your employees will find it easy to make the transition to a safer working practice.

The Right Media

There is a wide range of items that might be required, which could include any of the following:

  • Stickers
  • Checklists
  • Safety booklets – manuals
  • Safety Folders
  • Wall Posters
  • Signage

If you were wondering how to have these things printed, there are specialist companies that are dedicated to providing printed media to a range of industries, and with an online search, you should be able to locate such a company. The media itself might need to be very durable, and they would have a range of waterproof packages that are suitable for heavy industry.

Risk Assessment

Complacency is a major cause of work related accidents, and this can be eliminated with Take 5 strategies, which ensure that each step of the work process is assessed for risk, and adequate preventative measures are in place. One must have visible reminders at strategic locations in the workplace, and these might come in the form of stickers, and would be designed to stand out.

The importance of printed media in the workplace cannot be emphasised enough, and fortunately, there are online printers who can customise the media to suit your business.

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