Where Can I Borrow Money Without Collateral

There are various types of loans, they all depend on what you’re applying for, most can be categorised as either secured or unsecured. Secured loans are generally what traditional money lenders offer, if you visit your local bank to borrow money, they’ll require collateral as security before they agree on a contract, on the other hand, unsecured loans don’t require any sort of collateral or security.

What options do I have with no collateral?

An unsecured business loan is your best option when you have no collateral or security to offer the lending institution, although banks and other lenders will not decline you a loan if you apply without some sort of capital, the application process will be challenging. If you are a fledgling startup trying to expand your business, applying for a small loan using traditional methods is difficult. The best way of borrowing money is to contact a money lending facilitator online and discuss your situation. They are specially designed to offer unsecured business loans to individuals who don’t have any collateral to offer.

You must meet a certain number of conditions before your loan is approved, you can’t just borrow a substantial sum of money without offering some sort of security to the lending facilitator. Online money lenders will generally seek some assurances such as:

  • You must have a stable income – Coming from either your current business or other means, this is usually over $6,000 per month if you apply with an Australian money facilitator.
  • They will assess your credit history – You can’t expect to be approved for a loan if you have an unbelievably bad credit rating. It is understandable that you may have had one or two problems making payments to previous lenders, but large discrepancies with payment plans won’t be looked at too favourably.
  • Your business must be trading for a certain period of time – Another stipulation is the amount of time you’ve been in business, if you’ve just started operating you must be trading for a specific period before an online lending facilitator will offer you a loan. In Australia, most money lenders will consider your request if you’ve been trading for a minimum of 6 months.

What are the advantages of using an online lending facilitator?

If you are trying to secure a loan for a small business in Australia, most institutes won’t make it easy. Traditional options such as banks and credit unions still uphold unfair screening methods, trying to apply for a loan is made both time consuming and difficult, especially for entrepreneurs will no collateral to offer. Online money lenders offer an excellent alternative, they’re convenient and flexible in comparison to other money lending institutes. As a small business owner, you can apply for a loan online in minutes.

If you’re having no luck applying for a loan through traditional methods, why not try online lending facilitators, they may be exactly what you were looking for. They take numerous factors into consideration and you won’t be immediately disregarded for having bad credit or no collateral.

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