The Ways DTB Corporate Hospitality Can Enhance Your Team Building

Those who spend their time and careers thinking about how corporations function have consistently returned to one very difficult to define but crucial issue: workplace culture. Also called office culture, this is the way in which a certain workplace functions. This involves the beliefs of the employees and the company, how the employees interact, and how they engage with their work. When you have a positive workplace culture, you have employees who work well together, enjoy coming to work, and feel personally invested in the well-being of your company. There are ways to facilitate that inside and outside of the office. Inside the office, you can assign different tasks that foster cooperation or facilitate a certain dynamic; however, some of the most effective methods involve team building outside of the office.

Corporate Hospitality


Cricket is an incredibly popular sport that many people grew up playing. Many people think that once they leave secondary school or university, their cricket days are over; that doesn’t have to be the case. You can pull together a cricket side involving some of your employees for a fun day of games. When you’re trying to teach your employees to work as a team, what better option do you have than an actual team sport? DTB corporate hospitality infrastructure allows you to create a cricket experience for you and your employees while also caring for all of the specifics.


For those who maybe don’t fancy cricket, perhaps a round of golf will better suit their needs. Golf has become something of an iconic corporate sport, largely because it allows a group of people to spend time talking; however, a rousing golf game also offers distractions which keep silences from being so awkward. One can’t really talk on his or her mobile and check emails on a golf course; for those nine or eighteen holes, you will have someone’s attention in a way that’s very hard to come by in the 21st century. Booking a corporate golf outing can be a great way to inspire your employees to communicate with one another outside of the office while also fostering a little bit of competition.


If cricket is supposed to foster cooperation amongst large groups of employees and golf is supposed to foster conversation, tennis is designed to promote pure competition. Tennis is a head to head sport that does not allow for much conversation. In fact, doubles are the largest possible teams. That means your employees will learn to rely on themselves and their instincts. This can be a great team builder, especially if you feel that your employees need to become more self-reliant. Some of the DTB corporate hospitality packages offer amazing tennis locations, refreshments, and accommodation.

Why Use a Firm?

So, all of this might sound nice, but you think that you don’t need it. After all, you know where the cricket pitch is. Why not book it yourself? With a company specialising in hospitality, you can ensure that absolutely everything is taken care of. You don’t have to worry about forgetting something or someone being unprepared.

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