This Lebanon-Based Distribution Company Is Expanding Operations to Africa

For any business to compete and succeed in the market, it is of utmost importance that you lay down a firm foundation for it. Surprisingly enough, this is not the part where most startups fail. It is often after the enterprise has crossed its initial phase of establishment that it begins to crumble. Once the business hits pace, it is hit by the increasing demand for its product. Most often than not, one of the two things happen; either the company does not have enough resources to meet the demand, or it does not have a proper network for distribution.

Inability to meet this demand leads to the loss of the hard-earned customers. What’s worse is that since the demand is unmet, these potential customers will route back to your competitor. To put it in a nutshell, a proper distribution plan is crucial for the long-term success of any company. This is why a lot of multinationals especially in Lebanon, African, and GCC countries prefer opting for Transmed as their distribution partner.

Transmed began its operations back in 1946. Since day one, the company has worked on its system to offer companies unmatched logistics services to benefit from. This Lebanon-based distribution company has expanded its operation from distribution. It now provides a complete 360 solution including packaging and complete logistics. Transmed has a diverse clientele for which it continues to add value with its efficient services. Transmed has managed to acquire a large number of multinational clients like Walkers, Wrigley’s, and Proctor & Gamble among several others.

There is a lot that lets Transmed distinguish itself from the rest of the companies in the region. It ensures to keep its employees equipped with contemporary skills and practices to enhance the overall efficiency and elevate the productivity of their work. The management at this company also makes sure that all employees are content and satisfied. The impact of such an environment is quite transparent in the unprecedented work ethics of Transmed’s employees.

In addition to taking care of internal talent, the distribution giant also keeps the clientele satisfied by offering them dedicated teams. Each of the company’s employee has a specific team assigned to it. This allows workers to understand the nature of the client, and offer them customized services. This is one of the many reasons why Transmed nurtures long-lasting relationships with its clients. Transmed has been offering unparalleled services of several decades now, ensuring that both, the internal talent and the growing range of clients, continue to thrive. Such a service has allowed Transmed to get featured in multiple different magazines and newspapers over the years. Some of the magazines it has been featured in include BusinessNews, Khaleej Times, ArabAd, and many more.

After thumping a clear footprint in the MENA region, Transmed has now been expanding its activities in GCC and African countries. It has already conquered the market in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and South Sudan, and multiple African countries like Burkina Faso, Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo (Brazzaville), and Cape Verde, among many others.

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