5 Ways Business Competitions Help Charities

Although many businesses help charities by simply writing a check for a dollar amount, those that engage in local competitions can provide greater results. Not only can these be incredibly entertaining to those that participate, these events can generate a great deal of revenue for a wide range of purposes. Although it takes a great deal of organization and a willingness to donate time and services, these competitions can have a positive result on the local population.


Marketing Prowess

As the main goal to any charity-driven event is to generate funds and humanitarian assistance, these groups benefit from the marketing capabilities of each business. Until the main event, each company can host sponsorship drives getting funds from their patrons. From branded shirts to signs and banners, each business could inspire others to donate before the event takes place. Advertising leading up to the competition itself could help bring an incredible amount of awareness to each charity through the efforts of professional marketers.

Creating Awareness

An effective way to help any charity is to bring awareness to it. Many people will donate time in order to bring attention to a need in the hopes to drive additional donations from others. An advertised competition among businesses can bring this attention to several charity organizations simultaneously. As people are intrigued to watch their favorite companies go head-to-head in any event, the awareness of each of these charities can be inspirational to all of those spectating.

Driven by Popularity

Virtually any business can have a great influence within respective communities. Frequent shoppers may just be dedicated to a brand as they would be to a professional sports team. Seeing company employees in a sporting event of some kind can peak the interest of many. Most people are naturally spectators and can be attracted to a competition that is not a common occurrence.

Offering Various Venues

The competition itself may provide a great deal of money for the charities that are supported. However, this doesn’t include the smaller venues that are going on during the event. food vendors, souvenirs, beverage carts and more can also be used to generate additional revenue during the competition in order to sponsor those charities.

Everyone Wins

In most business-organized competitions, some form of monetary value is assigned to various positions. Even those coming in last place can still earn a dollar amount for the charity sponsored by the businesses. This is money that the organization didn’t have before. Regardless of the outcome, all organizations can receive various donations and recognition through the competition itself. As for the businesses, they’re seen in a more humanitarian light by the local consumers improving community relations.

People such as Kenny Slaught have used their positions as business owners to improve communities by providing services that are needed. As a leader in the community, you should feel obliged to help those that keep your business in operation. While this doesn’t mean you have to loan money to strangers, you might see how generosity and compassion for humanity can improve your net income.

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