Dedicated Data Storage Solutions

Looking for a comprehensive data storage solution for your business is an important decision. With numerous service providers and many options available, deciding can be intimidating. This doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you know what features to look for.

Supreme Service and Support

When you are seeking superior data storage support, you want to rely on high specification hardware to maximize performance. Also, you need the latest DDoS mitigation and the strongest security. Having access to around the clock support for any issue is essential. These are the bare minimums of excellent service you should expect with quality managed hosting.

Trusting your data to a provider needs to meet your high standards. You should expect high-speed internet connections, dedicated servers for multiple platforms and backup generators to maximize uptime. Your business demands reliable data access. Your customer service should be highly knowledgeable about your server needs and be able to handle your questions with expert efficiency.

Data Storage

If you want to manage your business server, your data storage provider will be able to provide everything you need to take control of your information. Perhaps you want to hand the work over to the experts. That’s not a problem. No matter level of management you choose, multiple layers of protection, guaranteed uptimes, and fast customer service response will keep your data locked down and accessible.

Five Star Service for Your Servers

If your business could benefit from relocation of your servers to a superior environment, then colocation services might be right for you. Bring your server out of a dark and overheated environment and upgrade for first class data storage. You will gain many advantages with this type of colocation for your data. You will enjoy the benefits of a highly reliable service taking care of your data needs. All of your information is located in an ISO 27001 environment for the ultimate security.

Being able to access your data twenty-four hours a day is essential. Also having fast access to reboot services is a plus. You will enjoy a reduction in your business’ energy costs, and the convenience of knowing your data is locked down at all times, yet easily accessible for your needs.

Reliable Data Centres

Knowing that your servers are located and maintained at the highest level of security is essential in today’s world. Relax knowing your data is maintained by smooth power rates designed to minimize any surges. Multiple uninterruptable power supplies are your data’s failsafe in case of a power failure. Even if there is a major power failure that affects the public power supply, large backup generators engage immediately to further ensure optimum uptime.

In the event of a fire, advanced fire suppression systems are in place to effectively and instantly suppress any fire without any damage to the servers and their data. This advanced technology uses gas suppression technology you can count on.

Your data resides in the comfort of a temperature-controlled environment. The highest security breach protection with police department connected security and advance water detection are added features that will leave you knowing your data will never be compromised.

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