How To Make Your Website Safe And Secure?

How many times we have seen the HTTPS extension in the URL of the website and wondered what is all about?

Well, it is definitely not to make your site more attractive but ensures the safety and security of the web pages. Every day we hear of attacks on the web links and if you are an ecommerce store, the last thing you would want is an attack and the crashing of the website. SSL certificate is the basic form of protection ensuring the encryption of data to prevent the intruders and hackers to steal the information.

Some of the features of certification are as follows:

Automatic validation:

Since sensitive data such as credit card information is send to the system, authentication technology is used to ensure that the message is not send to the unidentified recipient. The data passes through several computers before it reaches the intended server. With encryption technology in place, it will be difficult for any computer to decipher the information. Validation process ensures that the visitors are on authenticated websites and they are not the target of phishing.

Browser compatibility:

SSL technology is compatible with all the browsers available in the internet domain. Therefore, the certificate will work on any application that can be used to view the web pages.

SSL certificate

Automated installation:

After the completion of validation process, the certificate is issued automatically to the website and can be easily installed.

There are different types of certificates issued to the users. Some of them are as follows:

High assurance certificate:

It is issued to the company that has a valid business registration and also the ownership of the domain name. The information is mentioned in the certificate so that the users know what website they are visiting. Validation process might take more than 2 days because it is manual.

Domain validation certificate:

The certificate only implies that you are the owner of the domain. Information is generated automatically by checking the WHOIS database. It is considered less reliable than the high assurance version.

Extended validation certification

It is a fool proof authorization mechanism to ensure that you do not fall prey to the phishing attack. The business address and the authorization are validated before the certificate is issued. Whole process might take time however the website will be more reliable to the visitors.

Scalable certificates:

They allow users to connect to the website using 40 bit encryption technology. Similarly, the certification also provides higher and normal encryption rates of 128 and 256 bits respectively to the users.

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