Signs Your Office Space Needs to Change

Have you been looking around the office lately and wishing there was a bit more to it? If you have, you are not alone. Business owners, managers, and employees often wish that they had a more attractive office space, but they just are not sure where to start. Because of this, the fit out process usually stagnates and never moves forward.

If you have been tempting the idea of a fit out, but have not yet been able to justify having one, there are probably clear signs around the office telling you that your space needs to be renovated. Below are just a few of the signs that you need an office fit out.

Your Office Space Is Falling Apart

Squeaky chairs, wobbly desks, and falling cubicle walls are obvious signs that something needs to be fixed. Having these ageing and broken items around the office is not only unprofessional in appearance, but can also be a health hazard for your staff and any visitors who come into your office. Rather than run around with a roll of duct tape and continually make quick fixes, invest in giving your office the makeover that it clearly needs.

Your Employees Are Disengaged

Employee disengagement can occur for a number of reasons and with those reasons varying from employee to employee. However, one thing which business owners and managers can do to shake things up and improve the quality of every employee’s work life is to renovate the office.

The environment in which your employees work day after day does have an effect on their passion for the job and their morale. A dull and drab office will likely lead to dull and drab work results. An updated office which your employees are proud (if not excited) to enter, however, will help keep them eager and motivated.

Your Office Space Is Boring

While on the topic of dull and drab, it is important to create a stimulating space for your office, and not only for the sake of your employees. It is also important to update its appearance to reflect your dynamic brand.

Office Design

All too many cutting edge companies offering state of the art products or services are sitting in boring offices which by no means speak to how exciting their brand is. This kind of environment is doing these companies a grave disservice. Clients and customers who set foot in these offices will not be able to immediately get a sense for what the company does and what they have to offer. This can lead to the next sign that your office needs to be renovated:

You Continue to Lose to the Competition

Having a typical office space will lead to typical or subpar results when trying to impress clients and customers for two reasons:

  1. Your office space will be unmemorable; and
  2. Clients will look negatively at your lack of care in updating your office space.

Old and unattractive office spaces tell clients that you do not care enough about the business or your employees to invest in it. You want to impress these individuals and visually entice them to set foot in your office and see what is inside, meet the employees, and discuss what you have to offer. Office fit out professionals will add defining features which will reflect your brand, choose colours that support your brand messaging, and will set your office apart from the competition.

Your Business Is Experiencing Growth

If your working quarters are feeling a bit cramped these days, then it is certainly time for an office fit out. Rather than shop around for a new office space to lease or purchase (which is incredibly expensive), contact a professional office designer and ask them to come look at your space. There is a good chance that with just a few tweaks and changes to your existing office space, you can add square footage without having to undergo any major moves or renovations.

DIY Fit Out Vs. Hiring a Professional

In an attempt to save hard earned business capital, many business owners or managers will attempt to perform their own office fit outs. Apart from these individuals likely not having the time or the expertise to properly plan a fit out, there are a number of other benefits which come with hiring a professional fit out company to do the job for them.

The first benefit is that hiring a professional saves you the time required to plan and coordinate the fit out yourself. But the other benefit is that hiring a fit out company can actually save you money. The best fit out companies have formed relationships with the best manufacturers available and are often able to purchase high quality building materials and accessories at a significantly lower price than what a business owner may pay at a local retailer.

The quality of the work is another important consideration. By hiring an expert, you can be sure that every single change made to your office space will be long lasting and built to code. These individuals also know what is on trend, which materials will work best to reflect your brand, and they have connections with the most highly rated and reliable contractors in your area.

Qualities to Look For in a Fit Out Company

In order to get the most out of your fit out, there are a few qualities you should be looking for:

  • The company should be a member of one or more professional installation associations
  • The company should have strong connections with quality manufacturers and contractors
  • The company should have expertise in a variety of areas, including joinery, floor finishings, suspended ceilings, etc.
  • The company should be creative and provide unique office solutions for each individual business

They say that change is never easy, and this is certainly true when it comes to changing your office space. The idea of making any moderate changes to the space you and your employees share can be stressful. If you are considering an office fit out, you do not need to go it alone.

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