Small Business : How to Celebrate Plan You Big Indian Wedding in Your Budget?

If you have a large extended family, chances are there to dig your neck into big fat wedding. And in case you don’t, you have probably been invited into attending the nuptials of your colleagues, neighbors, business associates and friends. We all know what that involves, right? An expensive parties, much drinking and dancing to share your happiness and what’s not. Yes, it is not easy to survive in Indian wedding season with either your bank account or your digestive system. Fret not, I am here to tell you that how it can be done, with some handy tips and get things in affordable cost by using Flipkart coupons.

Choose your outings with care – just because you are going to be married, it does not mean you have to throw many functions to flaunt your happiness. Choose a couple of events to celebrate your happiness with friends or relatives.

Reception dresses under your budget – instead of buying luxurious gowns or pretty dresses, why don’t you try designer rented collection. You can take your picture perfectly and mark your presence adorably. Stand up on the stage confidently. Wear comfortable shoes and can also opt for platform heels over stilettos. Don’t forget to check out the collection through online. Shop online by using Flipkart coupons & offers to add bling to your dress.

Outfits are main concerned but remember to wear comfortable heels – heels are mainly work to boost your stilettos and allow you to stand comfortably for your wedding. If the music kicks in, groove your body with your better half and burn up the dance floor.

Swap an outfit for your relative mehendi function – if this opportunity come, you can exchange an outfit with your cousin to rock your mehendi function. My cousin and her sister in law once managed to go through engagement and other functions with four pieces. You can swap the outfit, match the jewellery and heels, you are ready to raise the champagne by boogying late into the night. You can get the jewellery by online shopping and save your pocket to burn.

Stop stuffing your wedding menu compulsively – it is not necessary to keep excessive starters to attract relatives. Turns down some starters and save room for dinner instead. Alternatively, you can opt for mock tales instead of alcohol.

Don’t bankrupt yourself in the process of finding new outfit – why don’t you try to recycle some last wedding wardrobes by adding eccentric dupatta or kurta. You can also play with jewellery to add zing to your outfit. Trust me, no one else remembers, what you wore on sweety’s mehendi and wedding. Did you remember what your cousin wore on your sister wedding? No, I don’t think so!! One good thing is that buy jewellery by using flipkart coupons. You can get the best deals and offers on flipkart at Couponhaat.

Guys!! Eat, drink, do and make marry. You can always diet on another day! Don’t pile on buffet spread at Indian wedding take Thai to Chinese to Indian food and desserts are best described as a heart attack on a plate. Happy wedding season!!

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