The Animations That Can Be Created For You

Animations can take different forms. You will need to decide the purpose of the animation and how you want to get your message across to your target audience.

You may not have any knowledge of animation, so you will want to have a preliminary meeting with a well-respected firm. They can explain which types of animation are available to you and they will have a portfolio that you can access. This will allow you to make up your mind.

Some of these animation techniques used by an animation company in Dubai have been used for nearly a hundred years whilst other animation techniques are relatively new techniques that require the latest technology to be used. The technology allows the process to be speeded up.

Fast turnaround times are important, especially when you need to submit the videos to your clients or to your social media accounts.

Which animations can be created for you by the animation team?

Hand-Drawn Animation

Hand-drawn animations can be extremely effective and they will not look dated at all. This will be a carefully-crafted process and the company that you have hired will utilise the skills of the finest technical drawers that their company employs.

  • Once you have seen the first draft, you are going to be able to decide whether any improvements need to be made to the hand-drawn animation.

2D Animations

2D animations are the most common animations, and they will strike a chord with your customers. The animation company will use the latest software to create these 2D animations. The initial sketches of the entire video can be drawn by hand. These animations are going to look extremely realistic.

  • Once you have viewed the 2D animation, you can decide whether this is good enough to be used as the final version.

3D Animations

3D animated videos are becoming more popular, especially now that several Hollywood films have been made in this style. The 3D animations can be viewed by people who are wearing special glasses. You may have written a short film that needs to be presented in 3D.

  • Once you have viewed this 3D animation, you will be able to decide whether this is the version that you would live to use.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are designed to create the illusion of movement from objects that are stationary. This is achieved by moving the object slightly and then filming it in the new position. This will take the animation firm several weeks to complete because it is a very time-consuming process.

  • Once you have viewed the motion graphics animation, you will then have to decide whether a second draft should be made that you can consider.

Stop Motion Graphics

Stop motion graphics involves the use of clay figures. These figures are moved a small amount and then they are filmed. This will make the clay figure look like it is moving. This process has been used for an extremely long time. It was used to great effect in the British animation called Wallace & Gromit.

  • Once you have viewed the stop-motion graphics, you will want to decide whether a second draft has to be made before you are happy with the finished product.

What These Animations Can Be Used For

The animations can be used for a wide range of different purposes. You might decide that the 2D animation will be used as a training video for your employees. You might decide that the 3D animation will be used for a film that you have written the screenplay for. You could decide that the stop-motion graphics will be used as part of a promotional video for your business.

You might want to have several different types of animation made at once. Having a diverse range of video content will appeal to your clients and to people who are thinking about working for your business.

  • You can build up a repertoire of different video types which will benefit your business in a number of ways. Once you have received an animation in one style, you might be tempted to commission and animation that is made in a completely different style.

The Time-Frame For The Completion Of These Animations

1) You must understand that creating quality animations takes time and it is a process that cannot be rushed at all.

2) You might have to wait for just two weeks before your animation is ready. Alternatively, you may have to wait eight weeks before the animation is fully-complete.

3) The company that you are using will be able to give you a realistic time-frame. This will be a transparent process and it will allow you to build up some trust with the company that you are using.

4) You will be kept up to date with the overall progress of the animation. The company will make sure that you are aware of any delays because the last thing that they want to do is to disappoint you.

5) This will allow you to give the animation firm any new ideas that you might have. The animation firm will be happy to take these changes on board.

6) Then they will be able to show you the finished product and you can make your decision. It might be a good idea to use the first draft because it is such high quality.


There are many different animations which can be made for your business. Hand-drawn animations are still used despite the prevalence of computer animations. The most common form of animation is 2D animation, but your film could require a 3D animation to be made.

Motion graphics can be made so that inanimate objects look like they are moving. The same can be done using stop-motion graphics for clay figures.

These animations will be completed in a short space of time and you will be made aware of the time frame. However, results will not just happen in a couple days. Instead, the process might take a couple of weeks instead.

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